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At the Jan, 8 meeting of the Toledo-Tama Kiwanis, President Joanna Hofer took the group through a short business meeting. Treasurer John Kavalier reported on the money made from the Christmas tree sales. Anne Michael reminded members to give her names of possible candidates for membership. The guest speaker was introduced by January’s program director, John Kavalier. Foreign exchange student, Eliska Hermankova presented information about her home country, the Czech Republic. Her country covers a relatively small area, so it has population density. However, it ranks high in many aspects that determine the quality of its citizens’lives. Eliska impressed the group with her nature pictures showing the mountains and countryside. She compared her country to a bowl surrounded by mountains. Also, pictures of the many castles, churches, and cathedrals were breathtaking in their beauty. The capital of the Czech Republic is Prague. It is a city that retains the appearance of times past. There is very little commercialism to destroy this picture. It was obvious that the Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful countries one could hope to see. The group truly enjoyed her presentation. She has and will speak to groups in the district. Since there is a large population with ancestral ties to this part of Western Europe, many citizens would have added reason to enjoy her presentation.



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