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And Away We Go September 24th at 2 PM at the Wieting draws ever closer, and the Mysterious, Gruesome, Yet Morbidly Fascinating Murder at the Wieting is in the final stage of preparing for performance. The phrase "stepping out of your comfort zone" has real meaning for most of the cast of the play as they have never experienced being in a play to be presented to the public. One could correctly surmise that these are brave people. But why would they put themselves in this challenging position in the first place? Part of the reason is that the Kiwanians need money to keep up such events as the Golden Ruler Award and the Awards Banquet as well as other projects for our school children. Another reason is that they want the public to know that they exist and are active, so that people know this is a very viable organization, and one they could be interested in joining. Of course, another part is that they are all a bit on the crazy side and finally have a chance to show it. So they rehearse. There is some tension, some grumbling, and frequent laughter. New talent is discovered at each rehearsal, and pens and pencils are always at the ready as cast members write down new stage directions and other bits of business that will add to the audience's laughter. So this original play written by local folks and acted by local folks is just about ready for show time. Their biggest challenge on the afternoon of the performance will be nerves, but perhaps an even bigger challenge is staying in character. So if you see them shaking and grimacing that is because one of the actors added a totally unexpected bit, and the cast is trying their hardest not to burst out laughing. But as the audience, you can laugh all you want, and you will!



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