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The Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway, Iowa’s longest scenic or historic byway, is hosting a public meeting on Thursday, April 23, at 2 p.m. in the Tama County Courthouse in Toledo, in the Second Floor Courtroom. At this meeting, the Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway will introduce a new initiative, the creation of a “Corridor Management Plan,” or a long-term plan for the entire byway, which stretches from Clinton to Council Bluffs. Residents, elected officials, business owners, and anyone interested in the future of the Lincoln Highway are invited to attend this meeting. The meeting will focus on the Lincoln Highway in Tama, Toledo, Montour, Chelsea, and all areas in Tama County. A similar meeting is being held in Belle Plaine on April 21. For a full list of scheduled meetings, visit “A Corridor Management Plan is a vital part of the growth of a byway,” says John Mazzello, Corridor Management Plan Project Coordinator. “This plan will allow us to learn about the assets and opportunities along the Lincoln Highway in all of its communities in Iowa.” The plan will be developed in 2015, and will Lincoln Highway Corridor Management Plan be presented publicly next year. “This meeting will give us the chance to introduce the project to folks interested in the Lincoln Highway and hear directly from them,” says Mazzello. The Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway is one of eleven byways in the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Iowa Byways program. It represents Iowa’s portion of the original Lincoln Highway, the country’s first coast-to-coast improved automobile highway. The byway works with local communities, businesses and attractions, and residents to promote the Lincoln Highway to travelers, encourage historic preservation, and educate about Iowa’s history. The Corridor Management Plan will identify future opportunities to work with communities, highlight local attractions, and develop plans for bringing more travelers to Lincoln Highway towns. A Corridor Management Plan would also be necessary to strive for national recognition for the byway. “Tama County is famous nationwide for the Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway,” says Jan Gammon, Byway Program Coordinator. “The Lincoln Highway Bridge has been an icon for travelers for nearly a century, and the scenic drive reminds us what it was like to travel more than 100 years ago. Now we are looking forward to hearing from community members about what might be the next steps in the future of this historic road.” About the Lincoln Highway and Prairie Rivers of Iowa The Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway is Iowa’s longest byway, or state-designated scenic or heritage roadway. Spanning 460 miles from Clinton to Council Bluffs, the byway reflects Iowa’s portion of the historic Lincoln Highway, the first coast-to-coast improved highway in the United States. Established in 1913, the Lincoln Highway was one of the most significant roads for early automobile travelers and demonstrated the effectiveness of high-quality, well-maintained roads for moving people, products, and commerce nationwide. The byway is managed by Prairie Rivers of Iowa, an Ames-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to strengthening Iowa’s communities and small businesses through the responsible stewardship of our natural resources. Learn more at



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