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In the fall of the 2010, the STC School Board requested a facility study to be completed of all buildings in STC.  Many changes and upgrades were made since that time to our existing facilities. One of the strongest recommendations from the study was to replace the portable buildings at the high school. A design team was developed in the spring of 2014 to look at the cost and possibility of removing the portables and remodeling the high school. The design team studied the many structural and academic needs in the current high school. The team considered several options. Five different designs emerged including recommendations for the addition of six classrooms needed to replace the portables. All designs included an elevator for ADA compliance and additional restrooms. The design team also explored the possibility of a new kitchen, an indoor concession area, new art and music rooms, a new auditorium, vocational labs, collaborative learning spaces for students, a student lounge, a technology-enhanced learning lab, teacher meeting rooms, a remodel of teacher lounge, special needs rooms, a library remodel, and new science labs. In the end the design team decided to add seven new classroom to replace the classrooms in the portables, two science rooms, an elevator, a student lounge and collaborative space, a small meeting room, two new bathrooms, an elevator, and a remodel of the library and art rooms. Community members have expressed concerns and interest in learning more about the facility. The HS Designs are on display at all STC schools, as well as at the: •Tama Civic Center •Tama Library •Toledo City Clerk’s Office •Toledo Library For more information, please attend public meetings: 1. STC Central Office, April 29th, 9:00 a.m. 2. STC High School, May 3rd, 6:00 p.m.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total cost of the project?  What funds are supporting this project?

The cost of the this project is $5.3 Million.  The funds will be generated from the SAVE fund (Sales tax).  The amount of funds STC receives from sales tax is based on student enrollment.  STC receives $953.01 per student per year.  Based on our current enrollment (1544), STC will receive approximately $1,471,447.44 in sales tax next school year.  This amount continues to grow each year as our student enrollment has increased on average 75 students a year for the past three years.

There are two alternative bids being proposed.  One is for air conditioning and the other is for the addition of a new band room.

How much is owed on the Elementary School and how many years are left to pay off the bond? The elementary will be paid off in 2024 - we still owe $4,770,000.  Our payments are roughly $655,000 a year.

How many square feet is the new construction (please list classroom/small group rooms totals each separately and hallways/common areas separately)?

Lower Level Classroom 945 SQ FT Lower Level Sci. Lab    1285 SQ FT Lower Level Sci. Room   1065 SQ FT Small Group Room        220 SQ FT Upper Level Classroom 812 SQ FT Upper Level Classroom  830 SQ FT Upper Level Classroom  895 SQ FT Upper Level Classroom  820 SQ FT                               ??6872 SQ FT Hallways/ Common Areas Ground and Lower Level ?4295 SQ FT Upper Level                 1460 SQ FT                              5755 SQ FT

TOTAL NEW:             12627 SQ FT

How many new classrooms are being built? 2 Science Labs/ Classrooms 1 Small Group Room 5 Classrooms

How many square feet are being remodeled? Lower Level and Ground Floor     16,170 SQ FT Upper Level               10,310 SQ FT


How many classrooms are being remodeled? 2 lower level Science rooms + Science Prep room Media Center Art Room (moved to Industrial Tech area) Drafting room Industrial Technology room



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