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Think on the good things

March 24, 2013 Do you have that one song, movie, or something else that evokes strong emotions of the “good ol’ days” or perhaps even of a time in your life gone by, leaving some tears running down your cheeks?... more »»

Cold Feet

March 20, 2013 It could be worse. This might be the winter that refuses to end. But it will—eventually. One doesn’t have to travel too far back in time to realize it could be worse. more »»

Lest we forget

March 17, 2013 As everyone knows, we have been at war for a very long time now. Since 9/11, we have been officially fighting the war on terror. That war started unofficially years before. more »»

DST, finally!

March 13, 2013 Sunday we changed the clocks. In my mind, this is the first step in getting all of those ducks in line for what is my favorite season-morel season, I mean sprin. more »»

Leftovers and a quiz

March 10, 2013 Ya gotta understand faithful readers, of The Tama News-Herald, the past three weeks of our love story that almost wasn’t brought up some very painful memorie. more »»

Rolling on

March 6, 2013 Maybe it is going to become routine. Maybe these sad days will become more frequent as time rolls on. This weekend a bunch of us came together to remember one of our own, falle. more »»

The conclusion of the love story

March 3, 2013 Can anyone believe I've dragged this story out for three weeks? I know the suspense is killing everyone and today you get the conclusion. more »»

First they came…

February 27, 2013 I am still struggling to finish my column regarding John Pat Leavy. I hope to have it finishes for next week. Here is one of my favorites. more »»

The Love Story that almost wasn’t (Part 2)

February 24, 2013 Ours was a typical love story; boy and girl meet; fall in love, get engaged, have "tiny" lover's spat, kiss & make up, get married and live happily ever afte. more »»


February 20, 2013 Sometimes it takes repeated episodes in our lives to remind us of our fallibility. Tragedy and death are the most convincing. The smell of death surrounds me. more »»

The Love Story that almost wasn’t

February 17, 2013 This story is true. No names have been changed. It was what it was. It began one dark, star-lit night at a quiet, serene farm house about three miles south of Chelsea, Iowa. more »»

Some disparate thoughts

February 13, 2013 Still My heart still aches with sadness and secret tears still flow. What it means to lose you, only you could know. more »»

The Good Old Days, Part 2

February 10, 2013 My home town of Chelsea was a great little town to grow up in—-as was Tama, Toledo, Montour, Haven, Vining, Clutier, Elberon, and all the rest. High School sports were the highlight of the town. more »»


February 6, 2013 Have you ever dreamed of going back in time to one of those singular events in your life? To perhaps a singular pivotal event that defines you? I have. more »»

You asked for it

February 3, 2013 Some of your favorite columns are when get in the time machine and head backwards to a more peaceful and serene place. more »»

IT happens

January 30, 2013 Don’t you just hate “IT” when that happens? I do, and IT happens way more than I usually care to admit. IT’s the pits which gets and gives me fits. “IT,” is my nemesi. more »»

Touring the Evening Skies

January 29, 2013 For those of you who have enjoyed my monthly strolls through the night sky and have missed our walks together, I am happy to say that I am back, refreshed and ready to go again. more »»

The Good Old Days!

January 27, 2013 Ever notice that a lot of people talk about the "good old days?" Hmmm, cars without air-conditioning; homes without central air; no Internet, (thank you Al Gore); those metal ice cube trays; no flu... more »»

Where have all the flowers gone?

January 23, 2013 Sometimes in the dead of winter, when the frigid temperatures arrive, certain thoughts appear. Certain words here are reused, but apply now, just the sam. more »»

Expanding Iowa’s middle class is top 2013 priority 

January 21, 2013  The 2013 session of the Iowa Legislature began on Monday, January 14.  State Senator Steve Sodders (State Center) said his top priority is expanding Iowa’s middle class. more »»



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