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The Dutchman

May 8, 2013 The Dutchman By Michael Smith The Dutchman's not the kind of man To keep his thumb jammed in the dam That holds his dreams in But that's a secret only Margaret knows When Amsterdam is golden in... more »»

I do

May 5, 2013 For thirty-two years, I had the great privilege to work with some of the greatest people in the world at the Mental Health Institute. more »»

A spring tease

May 1, 2013 Have you ever thought of the seasons themselves as a metaphor for life? Youth is the season of hope, yet there is a season for all things. Spring is for our birth and development. more »»

Open letter to the terrorists

April 28, 2013 Well, you tried again, didn’t you? This time your cowardly attempt was during one of our national festive and fun events—The Boston Marathon. more »»

Toledo Farmers Market

April 26, 2013 Time for the Toledo Farmers’ Market I know it’s hard to believe it is that time of year already. Market season will soon be upon u. more »»

Naturally rambling

April 24, 2013 Here is a rerun of one of my columns from a few years back. Enjoy. Many writers take notes; little threads of thoughts that might be one day used in some way. more »»

Will and Yogi

April 21, 2013 Will Rogers and Yogi Berra. Two great icons of Americana. We’re all familiar with these two gentlemen and their verbal antics. more »»

A Cleansing

April 17, 2013 I believe today is the day. I’m thinking all it is going to take to wash away the last vestiges of a persistent winter is to drag out the pressure washer and have at it. more »»


April 14, 2013 April is National Volunteer Recognition Month. Volunteers are a special breed of peopl. more »»

But will it hold water?

April 10, 2013 Sometimes someone will offer you a theory. It is up to the thinking person to weigh the merits of what that person says, in an attempt to see if it will hold water. more »»

Play Ball!

April 7, 2013 First came March first, which is my official spring starting point.  Didn’t arrive as it should have. Then came March 21st, the first official day of spring! Didn’t happen again. more »»


April 4, 2013 When the snow melts, and the frost is still in the ground, the rural roads, and my lane become a layer of grease on top of frozen ground. more »»

Easter week, 1958

March 31, 2013 In my home town of Chelsea, Easter week was huge. Especially when you were seven years old. Chelsea was a town of about 385 people except during holidays, summer vacations and spring breaks. more »»


March 27, 2013 With a house full of guests, a new baby in the family, and way too many things to do, you will have to re-read one of my previous columns. This is from 3 years ago. more »»

Think on the good things

March 24, 2013 Do you have that one song, movie, or something else that evokes strong emotions of the “good ol’ days” or perhaps even of a time in your life gone by, leaving some tears running down your cheeks?... more »»

Cold Feet

March 20, 2013 It could be worse. This might be the winter that refuses to end. But it will—eventually. One doesn’t have to travel too far back in time to realize it could be worse. more »»

Lest we forget

March 17, 2013 As everyone knows, we have been at war for a very long time now. Since 9/11, we have been officially fighting the war on terror. That war started unofficially years before. more »»

DST, finally!

March 13, 2013 Sunday we changed the clocks. In my mind, this is the first step in getting all of those ducks in line for what is my favorite season-morel season, I mean sprin. more »»

Leftovers and a quiz

March 10, 2013 Ya gotta understand faithful readers, of The Tama News-Herald, the past three weeks of our love story that almost wasn’t brought up some very painful memorie. more »»

Rolling on

March 6, 2013 Maybe it is going to become routine. Maybe these sad days will become more frequent as time rolls on. This weekend a bunch of us came together to remember one of our own, falle. more »»



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