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March 23, 2014 It seems the older we all get, our paths don’t cross too often. And when they do, it’s usually for some kind of reunion, or a wedding or often for a funeral. more »»

What's Happening at the Wieting?

March 20, 2014 Lee Keeler of California has rented the theatre for “The Green Gravel Comedy Festival”. He has lined up some up and coming comedian. more »»

What's Happening at the Wieting?

March 13, 2014 Jim Roan, our foundation fundraiser chairman, has informed the guild that our renovation debt is now $63,500. Thank you for your continuous financial support. more »»

Here’s What’s Happening at the Tama County Historical Museum

March 8, 2014 The next work day will be Mon., March 17. Last work day was spent working on program booklet, making curtain for the new dining room and putting things awa. more »»

What's Happening at the Wieting

March 6, 2014 Would you help the volunteers who work at the theatre? If you would please take your trash to the garbage cans in the theatre lobby and place your empty bottles in the appropriate container it would... more »»


March 2, 2014 Does anyone remember Gus Schrader’s sports column, “It’s All Hash Today,” in The Cedar Rapids Gazette from decades ago? So as not to get into copyright problems, I simply inserted “goulash” instead. more »»

What's Happening at the Wieting

February 27, 2014 On Sunday, March 9 we will have the first program of our Fine Arts Series. This program is called “Dance in Company.” These are students who attend the University of Iowa. more »»

Dear John,

February 23, 2014 Dear John... Well, I suppose it had to happen some day. I wasn’t looking for it but now it’s been thrust upon me and there’s not much I or anyone can do about it. more »»

What's Happening at the Wieting

February 20, 2014 Do you know how many ways we try to keep you informed of the happenings at the Wieting? First, our ads in the newspapers- Chronicle, News-Herald and the Shopper, marquee at the theatre, posters... more »»

John’s advice about Valentine’s Day!!

February 14, 2014 Of all the holidays and special days during the year, Valentine’s Day is the scariest. After all, we all know what to do for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries,Thanksgiving and all the other ones. more »»

What's Happening at the Wieting

February 13, 2014 Last week I started another column for the entertainment page. The column will contain a photo I have; taken many years ago. The photo will be about a performance or a happening at the Wieting. more »»


February 9, 2014 Do you remember Nat King Cole’s song, “Ramblin’ Rose?” Well this column to day is nothing like that. It’s just plain ol’ rambling!! I begin with Super Bowl XLVII. more »»

What's Happening at the Wieting

February 4, 2014 As I mentioned last week, President Ulysses S. Grant will be visiting the Wieting and telling about his life’s adventures. more »»

And the winner is...

February 2, 2014 It has been said that confession is good for the soul. Well, that probably depends a lot on what one is going to confess. Here is my confession...I probably watch too much TV. more »»

Revised New Year’s Resolutions

January 26, 2014 I thought I’d wait the appropriate three weeks or so to share the following New Year’s goals. more »»

What's Happening at the Wieting

January 16, 2014 What are you doing Sunday? If you are like most people of this community you will be at the Wieting watching the Film Festival starring “Floppy and Duane. more »»

It's so cold that...

January 12, 2014 One of the great passages of generation to generation is the ago-old statement, “Why, boy, I remember when we wuz little that we had to walk five miles to school every day, uphill both ways. more »»

What's Happening at the Wieting

January 9, 2014 Thank you for your support and attendance at the Wieting for 2013, now on to 2014. Our events booked so far are: Jan. 19 “The Floppy Show” Mar. 9 “Dances In Company” Mar. more »»

The Chelsea Sesquicentennial

January 5, 2014 Ya know, when you think about it, the “good ol’ days” really were the good old day. more »»

What's Happening at the Wieting

January 2, 2014 Jim Roan reported to the Guild at their monthly meeting that the debt still owed on the renovation is now down to $75,000. The Wieting guild has contributed $23,000 to bring this total down. more »»



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