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Starting a promising school year for Iowa students

August 23, 2013 With the start of a new school year, students of all ages are returning to Iowa classrooms. more »»

Living on borrowed time

August 13, 2013 For over two years, I’ve fought to pass a long-term extension of the Farm Bill. Traditionally, the Farm Bill has been a bipartisan process, but last week was a reminder that times are different. more »»

Honoring America’s truth-tellers

August 10, 2013 It was February 19, 1777. The seeds of democracy were just taking root in America. more »»

On school accountability, reauthorize don’t neutralize

August 8, 2013 Twelve years ago, in an act of bipartisanship that now seems impossible to imagine, the Senate and House passed historic legislation reforming American educatio. more »»

Grassley- Q - A: Reforming the Tax Code

August 5, 2013 Q: Why do you insist that tax reform remain “revenue neutral” as Congress begins work on rewriting the federal tax code? A: It’s the only way to prevent big spenders from growing big governmen. more »»

Accomplishing better things

August 4, 2013 We live in a culture today that is on a continual quest for better things. more »»

A Constitutional Presidency

August 2, 2013 The National Notary Association has put together a significant collection of essays on the political career and philosophy of President Calvin Coolidge. more »»

New tax breaks help expand Iowa’s middle class

August 1, 2013 Iowa’s growing economy has allowed us to cut taxes while balancing the state budget and protecting local services and schools. more »»

Growing Iowa’s family farms through innovative programs

July 31, 2013 Iowa farms feed and fuel the world, and Iowa’s strong agricultural history has driven the economy for decades. more »»

Ignorance or arrogance?

July 29, 2013 The recent announcement of the 2013 World Food Prize laureates has piqued a renewed biotech debate in the world of agriculture. more »»

The Marshalltown Orpheum

July 25, 2013 When Iowa Valley tucked the bail-out of Marshalltown’s Orpheum Theatre into a $35 million bond issue in 2006, its wisdom was questioned on these pages more than once. more »»

The Death Tax

July 15, 2013 Q: Will Congress take up tax reform this Congress? A: The tax-writing Senate Finance Committee is laying the groundwork to rewrite the federal tax code. more »»

Providing veterans with the benefits they deserve

July 12, 2013 Whether it’s continuing their education with the help of the GI Bill, attending a VA job fair, or submitting a disability claim, our veterans deserve to know that they can rely on the Department of... more »»

America’s Birthday

July 4, 2013 “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. more »»

Celebrating freedom: Salute to Frederick Douglass

July 4, 2013 Washingtonians brace themselves for the flood of tourists who come to soak in the monuments, museums and memorials that attract millions of visitors to the nation’s capital every year. more »»

Questions & Answers: Student loans

June 29, 2013 Q: What do college-bound students need to know about student loans before school resumes this fall? A:Many young adults use the summer months to earn money to help pay for their college expenses... more »»

The Farm Bill - Failure isn’t an option

June 28, 2013 Last week, I voted for Iowa farmers, manufacturers, and small businesses by supporting the Farm Bill. more »»

Let’s be more charitable!

June 26, 2013 Americans have long been known as a very charitable people. According to the World Giving Index, we give more to others than any other national group. more »»

The Mensa’s of Meat: A tribute to backyard grillers who make Iowa great!

June 24, 2013 There are some things we can agree on that we don’t like about summers in Iowa: mosquitos, humidity, road constructio. more »»

Common Ground

June 23, 2013 In a commencement address at Notre Dame University, President Barack Obama urged the graduates to strive to find common ground with respect to their views on abortio. more »»



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