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A Guide to the 57th Presidential Inauguration

January 18, 2013 Our country is preparing for a historic event: the 57th Presidential Inauguration on Monday, January 21, 2013.  Iowans will mark this occasion in various ways. more »»

Chronicle Weekly Question for your Iowa Legislators

January 16, 2013 During the 2013 Iowa Legislative session, The Chronicle and News-Herald will submit questions to the Tama County delegation: State Senator Steve Sodders (D-State Center) and State representative Dea... more »»

The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ With a Heart

January 11, 2013 On January 1st, 2013-the House of Representatives passed a bill that would avert the country from going over the so called ‘fiscal clif. more »»

A conversation with…Arvid Huisman

January 10, 2013 Arvid Huisman serves as Development and Communications Director for the Salvation Army, Des Moines. more »»

Support children when there is scary news

December 31, 2012 AMES- It might be easy to assume that young ones are not impacted by tragic events in other parts of the country, but children have a keen sense of radar and pick up on adults’ body language,... more »»

Overcoming the Strain of Life

December 30, 2012 These are trying and difficult days that we live in. We are at war with a relentless and formidable enemy that has no respect for innocent life. more »»

Question & answer: Wind Energy Production Tax Credit

December 26, 2012 Q: Why is there a production tax credit for wind energy? A: In 1992, the Energy Policy Act passed by Congress included an amendment I offered to establish a production tax credit for wind energy. more »»

Public notices in newspapers serve you

December 20, 2012 Iowa is not unique in requiring public notice advertising. The legislatures of every state require such paid advertising in newspapers. And for a very good reason. more »»

Making Temple Grandin proud

December 17, 2012 In an age of political-correctness overload, it’s down-right hypnotic to hear someone speak without filter or fear.   But then again, Temple Grandin has always been a trail-blazer. more »»

Fiscal cliff or moral cliff

December 14, 2012 As the deadline approaches to what has been called the “fiscal cliff,” the outcome is predictable. more »»

The Palestinian “Win”

December 8, 2012 (Dennis Lamb retired from the CIA in 2002 after serving 30 years in its Directorate of Operations as a Case Officer and as an Intelligence Analyst. He is a native of Chelsea. more »»

Remembering Pearl Harbor

December 7, 2012 December 7, 2012, marks the 71st anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the day that does in fact live “in infamy. more »»

A smarter way to grade America's high schools

December 3, 2012 Everyone agrees that America's high schools need to do a better job of preparing students to be "college- and career-ready. more »»

Defending Liberty and the Second Amendment

November 30, 2012 The Second Amendment is once again under attack as many liberals and progressives are calling for new gun control measures in the aftermath of tragic shootings such as the incident which occurred at... more »»

Entitlements to die for

November 28, 2012 With the recent election we are now assured that the “Affordable Health Care Act” will now be fully implemented as an additional entitlement. more »»

November- A season of philanthropy

November 22, 2012 The month of November has traditionally been a time for Iowans to count their blessings. more »»

Be Kind, Kindness Matters

November 22, 2012 To all of the folks in our neighborhood, our community, and our families and to ourselves, be kind. This has been another year of hardships, sadness, helplessness and loss of hope. more »»

Iowa Valley reaches out to candidates

November 14, 2012 The establishment of an Iowa comprehensive community college system was created in 1965 as the result of legislation called “The Area Vocational Schools Act. more »»

They Did Their Share

November 11, 2012 On Veteran's Day we honor Soldiers who protect our nation. For their service as our warriors, They deserve our admiration. more »»

All quiet on the Iranian front

November 9, 2012 Editor’s Note:Dennis Lamb retired from the CIA?in 2002 after serving 30 years in its Directorate of Operations as a Case Officer and as an Intelligence Analyst. He is a native of Chelsea. more »»



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