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Questions a Clinton White house

September 28, 2016 Letter to the Editor: Imagine a Hillary Clinton White House. there’s 1st husband Bill, Chuck Shumer, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Geo. Soros who wants U.N. more »»

Questions Clinton's comment

September 22, 2016 Letter to the Editor: This week Hillary Clinton has lifted the veil on who she really is. more »»

On the presidential candidates

September 19, 2016 Letter to the Editor: It’s natural to want heroes. We need to know they exist. And in this time of disillusionment, we desperately need heroes because things in this world seem pretty blea. more »»

What he likes about Trump

September 16, 2016 To the Editor: The only thing I really like about Donald Trump is that he is 100 per cent against shredded cheese. You know, how he keeps saying he is going to make America grate again. more »»

D.A. questions Blum's advertising

September 5, 2016 Dear Editor, I seen a Rod Blum tv ad saying his parents didn’t depend on the government. Government is to big and believe in free enterprise. more »»

Projects Clinton presidency

September 2, 2016 Letter to the Editor: This is neither support for or against Donald Trump (The Saviour of our way of life. more »»

Supports donald Trump

August 26, 2016 Letter to the Editor: In response to a letter from Anne Michael in the August 5th paper, the attempt to squash the admiration of another voter for Donald Trump fell on deaf ears. more »»

Praise for Toledo City Council on day care decision

August 25, 2016 Letter to the Editor: Kudos to the Toledo City Council for moving forward with plans to provide financial support for the Kids Corner Day Care program. more »»

D.A. wants ward system retained

August 10, 2016 Dear Editor, Read the mayor of Toledo, Iowa wants to eliminate wards on election day Trouble be if it would be a heavy voter turnout. more »»

Pokemon is infested with occult origins and overtones

August 7, 2016 Letter to the Editor: I read, in the local paper, the recent article in the paper about Pokemon Go. The author thought it seemed pretty harmless to him. more »»

Examines Trump's success

August 6, 2016 Letter to the Editor: This letter offers neither support nor lack of support for Hillary Clinton. Someone else can write that letter. more »»

Calls for change in Iowa Senate 36

August 3, 2016 Letter to the Editor: We need change in Iowa Senate district 36. I have worked along side Jeff Edler on the board of directors for our rural electric coop, Consumers Energy. more »»

Supporting Lincoln Highway Bridge

July 29, 2016 Letter to the Editor: The citizens of Tama have things for which they can be thankful. more »»

Objects to elected being called liars

July 27, 2016 Letter to the Editor: In regards to Anne Michael’s Letter to the editor in the July 20th paper, I was shocked when she called all politicians liars, I quote: (If we didn’t vote for liars, we would... more »»

Politics and lies

July 22, 2016 Letter to the Editor: This is neither a defense nor a criticism of Hillary Clinton. Someone else can write that letter. more »»

Concerned about Tama County Day Care in Toledo

July 20, 2016 Letter to the Editor: Hearing the news about Kids’ Corner Daycare, the budget shortfall, and the possible questionable actions of one is very disheartening. more »»

Iowa reported a leader in puppy mills

July 19, 2016 Dear Editor, I am dumbfounded to find out this awful information on puppy mills in Iowa. more »»

D.A. challenges pro-life stance

July 15, 2016 Dear Editor, Pastor Adam Todd where I think you prolifers are stupid is you nock Tom Harkin on abortions. But back then you supported republican senator Roger Jepsen. Jepsen got clobbered by Harkin. more »»

D.A:. Joni for vice president

July 11, 2016 Dear Editor: I hope Trump picks Joni Ernst for VP. That will show Iowans that Joni doesn’t really give a damn about Iowans. Joni is nothing but a opportunist. Only person Joni cares about is herself. more »»

Rights and abortion

July 8, 2016 Letter to the Editor: Ms. more »»



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