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Supports Kucera for Sheriff

November 2, 2016 Letter to the Editor: I am responding to address Bryan Ellenbecker’s letter that was printed in the Tama News Herald dated October 20, 2016 and regarding his statements made at the recent Farm Burea... more »»

Backs Fisher

November 2, 2016 Letter to the Editor: I am writing in support of Dean Fisher for Iowa House District 7. more »»

Ask support to reelect Kucera sheriff

November 2, 2016 Letter to the Editor: I have been married to Sheriff Dennis Kucera for 41 years, and we have 3 children and 8 grandchildren. I feel I’m fully qualified to inform you, as to what kind of man he is. more »»

Don't mess with vets Donald

November 1, 2016 Letter to the Editor: Don’t mess with vets. It’s not so much that he gropes women and had affairs with his next wife while married to his old one. more »»

Fisher helps small buisness

November 1, 2016 Letter to the Editor: I want to share with fellow community members an example of why I’ll be voting for Dean Fisher for State Representative. more »»

Supports Trump

October 29, 2016 Editor: The media wants you to think this election is over and that Hillary is the winner so you stay home and don’t vote. I got news for you. more »»

Urges supportt for Central Iowa Healthcare

October 29, 2016 Dear Editor: It is important that the community rally around and support the employees and the board of Central Iowa Health Care as they work their way through some very difficult times. more »»

Supports Sodders

October 28, 2016 Letter to the Editor, I’m an Iowa mom from Dallas Center. I want to thank your community for sending Steve Sodders to the Iowa Senate. more »»

Says presidential race rigged

October 28, 2016 Dear Editor, Hillary Clinton is a Criminal, a Liar and a Thief! Did you know in the Clinton Foundation have been stealing from the Haiti since 2003 when Bill Clinton was appointed as Special Envoy t... more »»

Calls for vote for McMullin for President

October 27, 2016 Letter to the Editor: The current presidential campaign has presented us with two “deplorable” candidates. more »»

D.A. vs. Grassley

October 27, 2016 Dear Editor, If Hillary wins the election. Chuck Grassley will bring up president Obama choice for supreme court in lame duck session. Democrats in senate should vote that person down. more »»

Supports Dean Fisher

October 26, 2016 Dear Editor: I have known Dean Fisher since he first ran for the Iowa Legislature in 2012. He is an honest and dedicated politician who has not become “full of himself” as most politicians tend to be. more »»

I have a great job!

October 26, 2016 I am going to make a bold statement by saying that I just might have the best job in Marshall County. more »»

Supporting Sodders

October 26, 2016 Letter to the Editor: Let me tell you why we are voting for Steve Sodders for State Senate. Thursday, April 7, 2016, will be a day we will never forget. more »»

Supports Fisher

October 26, 2016 Letter to the Editor: Fisher, the principled choice for District 72 People often get caught up in the flashy, big picture of presidential elections, but we must also pay close attention to our... more »»

Call for change

October 25, 2016 Dear Editor, A Republican Platform represents “CHANGE!” If you are feeling like you are having a tough time financially & economically, the Republican platform is for you! It embodies prosperity for... more »»

Disagrees with letter writer

October 24, 2016 Dear Editor, I like to tell Tony Sheda it was when Nixon was president abortions became legal by a republican supreme court not democrats. more »»

D.a. questions Blum's support for Grassley

October 23, 2016 Dear Editor, Rod Blum wants term limits tv ad says. Will Blum vote for Chuck Grassley who beenin congress for 40 years? Mr. D. A. more »»

Supports Trump

October 23, 2016 Dear Editor, A vote for anyone other than Donald Trump will ensure that Hillary is exactly who you get. Elections get messy at the end. more »»

Critical of financial support for Edel

October 21, 2016 Letter to the Editor: We might want to quit electing the multi-billionaire Koch brothers to federal and statehouses and senate. more »»



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