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Anne on Trump

May 27, 2016 Letter to the Editor: This is not a defense or attack on the Clintons. Others can write those letters. Reasons to vote for Donald Trump (In his own words) He 1. will bring jobs back to the US. more »»

Canddiate explains past dealings with library

May 10, 2016 Editor's Note" John Anderson is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for District 72 State Representative. more »»

Call for support for Senator Grassley

May 6, 2016 Letter to the Editor: “We the People” remember that document that started out with these 3 word. more »»

P E O Appreciates support for Wieting

May 4, 2016 Dear Editor, The Toledo PEO Chapter DF would like to thank all of the local businesses for their patronage as well as those who participated by being audience members for the Des Moines Opera’s... more »»

Calls for improvements on West 13th in Tama

April 8, 2016 Letter to the Editor: Since moving to West 13th Street I have a concern that needs the attention of the city of Tama. West 13th has an apartment complex with many families and children. more »»

Anderson repeats debate challenge

April 6, 2016 Letter to the Editor: Vetting in Government Well folks my campaign for 72nd District House of Representative has meet with complete silence with regard to my esteemed opponents, both in the primary... more »»

Chareges Grassley has paralyzed the judiciary committee

April 5, 2016 Letter to the Editor: There was a time that, whether you were Democrat or Republican, Chuck Grassley had your respect. Now Grassley is firmly tromping on the Constitution he took an oath to support. more »»

Fear South Tama school tax increase

March 30, 2016 Letter to the Editor: Your Vote The STC School District is asking the public to extend the Revenue Purpose Statement (RPS). The current RPS ends in 2022, six years from now. more »»

Urges Yes Vote on South Tama Revenue Purpose Statement

March 25, 2016 To the Editor: On April 5th voters in the South Tama School district will be asked to extend STC’s Revenue Purpose Statemen. more »»

D.A.- Trump judge pick?

March 23, 2016 Dear Editor: Chuck Grassley don't want president Obama to pick the next supreme court judge. more »»

Iowa's puppy mill problem

March 21, 2016 Dear Editor, Iowa is currently ranked second to last in the nation in animal-welfare related laws and second in the nation for Puppy Mills. more »»

Throws support to Ohio Buckeye

March 17, 2016 Dear Editor, I am viewing the Iowa caucuses from afar this year. This year I voted in a presidential primary.. There were lots of pages to the ballot. more »»

Support State Fair through Corn Dog Checkoff

March 8, 2016 Dear Editor: Every August the Iowa State Fair has the honor of hosting more than one million people at the historic 450-acre Iowa State Fairgrounds. more »»

D.a. on Grassley's age

March 4, 2016 Letter to the Editor: The reason Chuck Grassley doesn’t want to hold hearings for a new supreme court judge because it would take away from his sleep time? Grassley 82 year old body needs rest? Why... more »»

Says Ernst vote tied to Koch brotehrs support

March 3, 2016 To the Editor: One should not be upset with Joni Ernst’s views on clean water. That, after all, was part of her campaign. more »»

Advocating for medical cannabis

March 2, 2016 To the Editor: Over the last two years I have learned a whole lot more than I ever expected or wanted to know about medical cannabi. more »»

Says Sanders has best Social Security plan

February 26, 2016 Letter to the Editor: If you are currently on Social Security or looking to use it any time in the future, it’s time to be mighty careful. more »»

D.A.- Republicans want walls

February 16, 2016 Letter to the Editor: The republicans must be communists. They keep talking about building a wall. It was the communists who built the Berlin wall. The great wall of China is in a communist countr. more »»

Billionaires and the presidential race

February 12, 2016 Letter to the Editor: Myth #1 Congress represents the will of the people. President Obama said it best - Congress is paralyzed. However, paralysis is common because politicians are indebted folks. more »»

Questions legality of Iowa Senate legislation regarding Meskwakis

February 2, 2016 Leter to the Editor: The bill recently passed before the Iowa Senate is obviously illegal. more »»



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