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Appreciates Celebrate My Drive Campaign

October 31, 2014 Letter to the Editor: In recent weeks, there have been many students, community members and staff members involved in organizing the Celebrate My Drive Campaign sponsored by State Farm. more »»

Tony answers D.A.

October 29, 2014 Letter to the Editor: Every person is guaranteed protection under our Constitution. All Americans except the unborn in their mother’s wom. more »»

D.A. questions GOP ads

October 28, 2014 Dear Editor: Ad by some outside republican group saying they don’t like what Braley said about Chuck Grassle. more »»

Says Democrats are responsible for national debt

October 28, 2014 Dear Editor, As the upcoming election approaches, the same group of far left liberal women are spreading their false information—Such as Social Security is solvent—Wall Street caused the recession... more »»

Says Ernst flip flops

October 27, 2014 Letter to the Editor: The Boston Globe faults the Des Moines Register for not calling Mrs. Ernst a lunatic. That seems rather harsh. She does flip-flop. more »»

Offers his immigration solution

October 26, 2014 Letter to the Editor: A SOLUTION TO THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION PROBLEM Now, what do we do with the illegal immigration problem. The left wants 300,000 per child per year. more »»

Backs Hatch for governor

October 24, 2014 Dear Editor, These are my views as to why Iowa veterans should vote FOR Jack Hatch for governor, and AGAINST Terry Branstad. more »»

Says Democrats don't care about the poor

October 23, 2014 Letter to the Editor: DEMOCRATS DON’T CARE ABOUT THE POOR Over the last six plus decades the purchasing power of the dollar has lost 50% of its purchasing power each decade. more »»

Raises issues with Koch brothers and Ernst

October 21, 2014 Letter to the Editor: Representative Braley and Mrs. Ernst’s accused each other of accepting out-of-state money from billionaires. more »»

Oppose Ernst on privatization

October 19, 2014 Letter to the Editor: We have heard a great deal about “saving Social Security.” There are only a couple of things wrong with this statement. more »»

Rrural waterway issues

October 17, 2014 Letter to the Editor: Waterway issues and tiling issues can leave a co-beneficiary of trust farmland feeling soaked. more »»

Appreciates Dennis Lamb's tribute to his father

October 17, 2014 Dear Editor: What an exquisite tribute! Dennis Lamb, thanks for sharing your Father’s memory, for letting today’s Tama News-Herald readers know he died at the age of 39 years, beneath a corn picker,... more »»

D.A. answers Tony

October 16, 2014 Letter to the Editor: Tony Sheda how do you feel about family values? Folks remember it was Nixon and a republican supreme court in the year 1973 that made abortions legal. more »»

Says Democrats don't care about the poor

October 15, 2014 Letter to the Editor: DEMOCRATS DON’T CARE ABOUT THE POOR Our economy can be effectively compared to four men in a room that want to play cards, but they don’t have any cards. more »»

Union leader challenges Ernst on minimum wage

October 14, 2014 Letter to the Editor: Dear Ms. Ernst, You recently said that a federal minimum wage was “ridiculous. more »»

Says Ernst wrong on Affordable Care Act

October 13, 2014 Letter to the Editor: Both political parties use fear of the opponent to garner votes. A recent example is one that could be very distressing to people relying on Medicare. Mrs. more »»

D.A. on TV ads

October 11, 2014 Dear Editor, A Joni Ernst ad with a man with a beard says don’t believe the false attacks against Joni. Braley ads show what Joni is actually sayin. more »»

Challenges per acre rate for farm land in Tama County

October 10, 2014 Letter to the Editor: Food for thought As the co-beneficiary of 80 acres in Tama County, I thought it would be important to discuss what the going rate per acre actually is for trust properties in... more »»

Opposes abortion

October 9, 2014 Letter to the Editor: We all have been watching with boredom and disgust the political ads on TV. One in particular makes my stomach turn. more »»

Endorses Ernst

October 6, 2014 Letter to the Editor: Ask yourself which political party: trys to pass gun control, opposes Keystone Pipeline, passed Obamacare, higher taxes, abortion. (A Senator has a Bill S. more »»



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