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Appreciates Toledo Fire Department Nativity display

December 19, 2012 Letter to the Editor: Thank you, Toledo Fire Department for displaying the Nativity for our Christmas Seaso. more »»

In support of Planned Parenthood

December 7, 2012 Letter to the Editor: Just as one call to a corporation was inadequate research to make judgments about political endorsements, one phone call to a Planned Parenthood center is inadequate research... more »»

SD.A.- Repubicans vs. early voting

December 4, 2012 Dear Editor: I hear republicans complaining about early voting. I wonder if these republicans think we should buy groceries and gasoline only on Tuesday? Mr. D. A. more »»

PETA response to deer hunting

November 30, 2012 To the editor: A recent report claims that deer-car collisions have declined in Iowa thanks to hunters “thinning the herd. more »»

Supports small business

November 29, 2012 Written in recognition of Support Small Buisness Day - Nov. more »»

Veteran appreciates South Tama students recognition

November 24, 2012 Letter to the Editor: In 1969, an Army Corporal was returning from a tour of duty in Vietman. Upon arriving at San Diego, CA he was greeted by protesters of the wa. more »»

D.A. says Iowa Republicans can blame Rush Limbaugh

November 22, 2012 Dear Editor: Rush Limbaugh thing is to act like a obnoxious republican to get people to vote democrat? Since Rush has been on in Iowa. The democrat won 6 of 7 presidential elections in Iow. more »»

Questions News-Herald Letter to the Editor deadline

November 22, 2012 To the Editor: In regards to the “Letter to the Editor” from Mike Richardson this past week:  Mike questioned the timeline that allowed Dennis Kucera to respond to Mike’s ad in the same News Herald... more »»

Questions Letter to the Editor About Planned Parenthood

November 19, 2012 Dear Editor, I read with great interest Anne Michael’s letter to the editor accusing Jane Jech and her ads of making “untruthful statements”. more »»

Questions News-Herald Letter to the Editor policy

November 16, 2012 Letter to the Editor: I am concerned as to how letters to the editor are handled by our local newspapers. more »»

A plea to our community to honor our Veterans

November 9, 2012 Letter to the Editor: In the past few years I have been honored to serve in the Toledo American Legion Honor Guard on both Memorial Day and the Veterans Day Holidays. more »»

Upah: Is not the greatest human right the "right to life"?

November 5, 2012 To the Editor: Lately the political talk is about Social justice and Civil and Human rights issues. more »»

Cherveny defends I-JOBS

November 4, 2012 Letter to the Editor: Recently, the words “reckless spending” and “tax-payer waste” has been falsely attributed to candidates like Senator Sodders. more »»

Michael questions Jech ads

November 3, 2012 To the Editor: Jane Jech is a strong Christian and two of her supporters - Mr. Santorum and Mr. Vander Platts are also strong Christians. more »»

Sheriff Kucera offers his position

November 2, 2012 Letter to the Editor: There is no point in repeating what Mike copied out of previous news articles, or off the state audit site. The taxpayers of Tama County have been informed already. more »»

Says DNR correct on Lake Delhi

November 1, 2012 To the Editor:  The Iowa Department of Natural Resources recently sent a letter to the Lake Delhi Water Quality District, indicating that the District must do much more to provide public access and... more »»

Warns of voter decision

November 1, 2012 Letter to the Editor: Democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters decide they can vote for themselves largess from the public treasury. more »»

Says Obama plan is best

October 31, 2012 To the editor: The Great Depression of the 1930's was a struggle - our people were hungry and desperate; soup kitchens abounded. I found one of my uncle's account books. more »»

Questions Romney's past

October 31, 2012 Letter to the Editor: I have a few election considerations to share with your readers. For those who have a computer, I would ask you to do a search on "What Does Bain Capitol Own". more »»

Says problems lie with Democrats

October 30, 2012 Letter to the Editor: I cannot disagree more with the letter Jeannie Sieck posted in the Tama News Herald. Democrats are not putting people back to work. There are 23. more »»



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