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Marine wants to hear from hometown

March 29, 2012 Letters to the Editor I am Lcpl Sawdey, Bryant N with the United States Marine Corps. I am currently in Afghanistan and would love to hear from people in my home town. I grew up in Tama. more »»

No "Senator Boswell"

March 27, 2012 Dear Editor, A letter to the editor in the March 8 issue of the Tama News Herald, signed by Beth, Karla, Maryan, Linda, Pam, Midge and Jeannie, furnished the following information for the readers in... more »»

Red Cross Month

March 27, 2012 Dear Friend, When Red Cross Month began on March 1, a few weeks ago, we couldn’t have predicted what would happen. more »»

Critical of supervisor, editor over Tama County Economic Development

March 23, 2012 Letter to the Editor: Having read the article on the front page of The Dysart Reporter of March 15, 2012, concerning the Supervisors and in particular Supervisor Wilkens comments on the Tama County... more »»

Tony agrees with D.A.

March 17, 2012 Letter to the Editor: For the only time I’ll ever agree with D.A. I agree with him blasting Gov. Christie’s lowering the flag for Ms. Houston. It was and is an affront to the memory of my son SSG. more »»

Disputes Senator Sodders

March 15, 2012 Dear Editor, Several weeks ago I wrote a letter to the editor highlighting how Marshall County Senator Sodders had been falsely claiming to represent Tama County as State Senator when in fact he's... more »»

D.A. vs. Chris Chrsitie

March 5, 2012 Dear Editor, I like to tell C. A. Hardgrove it was republican governor Chris Christie that ordered the flags at half staff for singer Whitney Houston. more »»

Safety of roads and bridges in Iowa

March 3, 2012 Letter to the Editor: There is much to love about living in rural Iowa; the space, the tight-knit communities and schools. But we are lacking in one very critical area; bridge safet. more »»

More sidewalks are needed

March 1, 2012 To the Editor:  “Putting your best foot forward” If you live in Tama-Toledo, you need to be careful where you walk, no matter what time of year. more »»

Congratulate STC girls basketball team

February 28, 2012 Letter to the Editor: We would like to congratulate and honor the STC?girls basketball team on their successful seaso. more »»

D.A. questions Santorum

February 27, 2012 Dear Editor, Rick Santorum nocks president Obama religion. Watch out republicans if you are divorced Rick Santorum probably tell you that your going to hell. Who appointed Rick Santorum god?  Mr. D. more »»

Flags to half staff for a singer?

February 23, 2012 Dear Editor, Flags to half staff for a singer? As a United States Marine who served 2 1 + months in Vietnam in 1967 and 1968 and a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign War and the American... more »»

Says Tama has "rusty" water problems

February 17, 2012 Dear Editor: Is there anyone in the city of Tama who has rusty colored water besides me? I have talked to the new water department guy who is nice and I think would try to help but he tells me I am... more »»

Response to IJH stories

February 1, 2012 Dear Editor, It has been very difficult to see the people I work with, people who have dedicated their lives to the service of young people, and not just any young people, but “the most troubled... more »»

D.A. on caucus, GOP at old Tama Pack

January 24, 2012 Dear Editor: Secretary of State, Matt Schultz ran on he would run honest elections insinuating democrats didn't. more »»

Tony Sheda comments on John's column

January 16, 2012 Letter to the Editor: This is the 2nd time John Sheda has written about the big "C" - compromise. John in addition to be a Puliziter prize caliber columnist is also a minister. more »»

Sheriff answers letter about Dysart response

January 12, 2012 Letter to the Editor: A letter printed on January 6th Tama Toledo news on line submitted by Veryl Sievers of Tama was apparently suggesting to look at the big picture and determine our priorities. more »»

Praises Sheda column; questions Sheriff's Office and Congress

January 6, 2012 Letter to the Editor: I think John Sheda's column has been a great addition to this newspaper It's enjoyable to read because he uses humor to sort out the important things in life and gets his... more »»

Memories of Toledo, Tama, Chelsea

January 4, 2012 Letter to the Editor: A Christmas Wish To my dearest friends and family in Tama County: As Christmas closes in my memories and thoughts turn inward to a time that seems so distan. more »»

D.A. on Newt

December 27, 2011 Letter to the Editor: Newt Gingrich don't like other republicans bringing up his past. Newt thought is was alright to bring up president Clinton past. more »»



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