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Republcians vs. Obamacare

October 13, 2013 Dear Editor: To republicans who don’t like Obamacare. Why don’t you try winning a election? Obama ran on it and republicans ran against it. Breaking News Obama won. more »»

Donations for Iowa Veterans Home

October 10, 2013 Letter to the Editor: Thank you so much to those who graciously donate to the residents at the Iowa Veterans Home. We currently have over 600 residents with a variety of needs. more »»

Supports Svoboda for mayor

October 2, 2013 Letter to the Editor: This is only my very own opinion... I will whole heartedly support Mayor Dave S .in the mayoral elections. He is very personable, honest and community and govern-mental minded. more »»

Union President questions Branstad leadership

September 24, 2013 Dear Editor, A troubling pattern is emerging with the high-level managers that run Governor Branstad’s state governmen. more »»

Grateful for local law enforcement

September 20, 2013 Dear Editor, As I watched the news this last week and saw of a police officer being shot and killed in the line of duty, my mind couldn’t help but think of the officers I have gotten to know over th... more »»

Genesis recognizes staff

September 12, 2013 Letter to the Editor: September 8 thru 14 has been proclaimed to be Direct Support Professional Recognition Week both nationally through Senate Resolution 208 and in Iowa via a proclamation by... more »»

Domestic Violece Alternatives ends service in Taam County

September 4, 2013 Dear Editor: It is with much sadness that I write this letter. more »»

Urges ensuring water quality

September 3, 2013 Dear Editor, August is National Water Quality Month. It is important to acknowledge that we all need to be aware of what we can do to improve our water quality. more »»

Questions Tama Skae Park spending vs. Highway 63 sidewalk

August 31, 2013 Letter to the Editor: To the Tama City Council: Work started on the Skate Park. Estimate of startup $19,600.00, minus donations of $13,598.00. Leaving about $6,000. more »»

Rep. Fisher says Senator had incorrect information

August 30, 2013 Letter to the Editor: The front page article on the Aug. more »»

Cittical of Branstrad economic initatives

August 21, 2013 To the Editor, When it comes to creating jobs, Governor Terry Branstad’s favorite tactic is providing bigger and bigger tax giveaways to mega corporations. Here’s why that’s a proble. more »»

State Rep. Dean Fisher weighs in on Iowa Juvenile Home / Girls Training School

August 16, 2013 Letter to the Editor, Recent news stories have raised questions about the Iowa Juvenile Home. These stories have tried to portray the Iowa Juvenile Home (IJH) as a dangerous place for Iowa kids. more »»

Seesk winter quarters for South Tama Baseball Club

August 7, 2013 To the Editor, I am writing this letter to you because we need help finding an indoor facility that we can use for the winter. more »»

D.A. on ticket for governor's driver

August 3, 2013 Letter to the Editor: Old people in town riled Barney Fife because a big car was parked illegelly. Barney gave ticket then found out it was governor ca. more »»

Defends horse slaughter

July 31, 2013 Dear Editor, If Mr. Redford, PETA, HSUS, and others insist on pursuit of banning slaughter in the USA then might I make a suggestion. more »»

Questions horse slaughter plant in Iowa

July 24, 2013 -Letter to the Editor: Iowa has become ground zero in the national debate on horse slaughter, now that the USDA has cleared a horse slaughter plant to begin butchering horses here. more »»

Free clinic for children with orthopaedic condition

July 10, 2013 Letter to the Editor: Citizens of Tama County, if you know of any child up to the age of 18 in your area with an orthopaedic condition (muscle, bone or joint related) please inform families about a... more »»

Career Development staff, participants reflect

July 8, 2013 Letter to the Editor: The staff and participants of the Tama Career Development Center wish to take this opportunity to thank the community for their support of our participants and ongoing programs... more »»

Questions T-T Aquatic Center ticket policy

June 19, 2013 Dear Editor: It was brought to my attention today after I already purchased my family’s season ticket for the Aquatic Center, that since my Fiancée and I filed our taxes separate and are not legally... more »»

National Debt

June 10, 2013 Letter to the Editor: I would like to comment on the letter to the editor by Anne Michael where she states the projected debt for the United States in 2013 is $600 billion, along with some other... more »»



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