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Rep. Loebsack introduce RURAL Act to aid learning

December 11, 2015 Letter to the Editor: Iowa’s students, regardless of where they live, should be able to access the tools they need to succeed and prepare for the 21st Century economy. more »»

D.A. objects to assault weapons

December 9, 2015 Letter to the Editor: People who say people kill people not guns. We need guns to protect us. Ask them if we should legalize hand gernades? If a person was hiding behind tree shooting at me. more »»

D.A. questions Chris Christie's budget knowledge

November 23, 2015 Letter to the Editor: Chris Christie says if Hillary is president the debt will go up. It was president Clinton who took Reagan-Bush deficit and turned it into a surplus. more »»

Urge candidates questioned about kids and families future

November 19, 2015 To the Editor: Presidential hopefuls should share solutions for the multitude of issues facing children. more »»

D.A.: Are these republicans running for president nut

November 14, 2015 Dear Editor, In the republican debate in Colorado republicans running for president want to raise the retirement age. more »»

Events buildi community spirit

November 11, 2015 Letter to the Editor: On Friday, October 23rd the City of Tama, and the Tama/ Toledo Area Chamber of Commerce teamed up to create an evening of fun and free events for our communitie. more »»

Appreciates Dawn Troutner's thoughtfulness

November 9, 2015 Dear Editor, Please pass this on to Dawn Troutner of the Toledo Farmers Market: Thank you, Dawn, for the kind tribute of sympathy to the Freddie Kubik family who have participated in the Farmers... more »»

Tama county Discovery Program begins toy drive

November 5, 2015 Dear Editor, Hello friends in Tama, Toledo, and the surrounding Tama County area. I was in Shopko in late September and saw my first Christmas display. more »»

D.A.: Republicans responible for abortions and gay marriage

October 26, 2015 Dear Editor: Seen a Bobby Jindal tv ad complaining about the supreme court. The supreme court is controlled by the republicans. 5 of the 9 justices were appointed by republican presidents. more »»

Urges support for Rob Hogg

October 22, 2015 Letter to Editor: I hope Tama County citizens will take a close look at Rob Hogg, Cedar Rapids, who has served in the Iowa Senate since 2007 and recently declared his candidacy for the U.S. more »»

Says Republicans are stupid

October 10, 2015 Letter to the Editor: Simple fact republicans are stupid. It was Nixon and a republican supreme court that made abortions legal in the year 1973 not democrats. more »»

Trusts Trump for President

October 7, 2015 Letter to the Editor: So I been asked why I don’t show any doubts with Mr Trump running for president... more »»

Suggests South Tama move high school to vacant Iowa Juvenile Home

October 1, 2015 Letter to the Editor: The South Tama High School should rent or lease the Juvenile home in Toledo and move the whole senior high over there. I drive by the juvenile home every time i go into Toledo. more »»

Calls for action on opiate deaths

September 23, 2015 To the editor, Iowa families are needlessly losing sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers to overdose deaths. more »»

Supports Grassley's effort on medically underserved

September 19, 2015 To the Editor: The number of Iowans residing in medically underserved areas is a serious concern. more »»

D.A. vs. Governor Scott Walker

September 18, 2015 Letter to the Editor: Governor Scott Walker is doing ads saying how he is for taxpayers saving them mone. more »»

Appreciates Lopez' role in Career Academy

August 27, 2015 Dear Editor, Every year at the start of a new academic year the Iowa Valley Community College District presents a program that sets the tone for academic and all-staff perspective to ensure a... more »»

Compares Planned Parenthood to Nazi Germany

August 20, 2015 Editor, In Nazi Germany every Sunday a cattle train would go by a small church. The cattle train was full of Jews headed for a death camp. It would pass by the church just as services were being held. more »»

Rep. Fisher responds to call for education funding

August 12, 2015 Letter to the Editor, In the July 29 edition of The Toledo Chronicle and other Tama county papers Rep. more »»

Tony Sheda: My View - Plannned Parenthood

August 2, 2015 Letter to the Editor: My View In the 1940s it was Nazi Germany and The Holocaust and the horrors they did to “undesirables.” The Nazis invented a “industrialized” method for dealing with “subhuman. more »»



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