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Backs Ellenbecker for sheriff

October 29, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Bryan Ellenbecker for sheriff of Tama County. I have been reading the letters to the editor and paid ads for the sheriff's race with much interest. I believe the issues that Bryan has brought up are issues that need addressed.

Bryan will be active in Tama county schools doing school patrol and events. Bryan has a long history of being active with our youth from being a coach in MFL to being active in Police activity events with the Tama Police department.

Bryan understands that there are tools that can be used in everyday jobs of law enforcement to protect the citizens of this county. Take for example code red which I as a Toledo citizen pay for. Code red was not utilized when Toledo had a suspected armed robbery at Medicap Pharmacy. Our current Sheriff did not implement code red to protect the citizens of this county that pay for that service which he helped sell to the cities. This suspect was chased around Toledo and Traer which neither town was notified to lock their doors. In a case like this I would expect the entire county who participates in code red to be notified as this chase could have ended up anywhere. I am thankful that no one was hurt during that incident as it could have gone bad very fast. Bryan talks about an emergency tactical team. This team would be developed of local agencies therefore spreading the cost out and utilizing other agencies resources and talents. This team could have been ready to go if this suspect did barricade himself either alone or with hostages.

24 hour coverage is very achievable; with 18 paid employees there is no reason to have gaps in the schedule where there is no coverage. I thinks it's shameful that our 911 operators are put in the spot to tell people that all deputies are busy and when one is available they will have them call or sent to the call. I would feel bad for a family having someone screaming for help on one line while the 911 operator is trying to get a deputy out of bed, dressed, in a vehicle, and in route to their call. Time is of the essence in many cases.

Animal control is the law ' it's not an option. Bryan will follow the Iowa code to obey all animal laws and ordinances. If you have an animal complaint it will get handled.

I have children that run cross country and track with Bryan's children. I always hear Bryan tell his kids," run your race". Bryan tells them," do not let others dictate the pace or the outcome of the race". Bryan does what few people do, He follows his own advice. Congratulations Bryan, You have run your race.

Bryan has stuck to his issues that he has researched and believes in. Bryan Ellenbecker has not gone out and solicitude names of constituents and peers. I'm glad we have someone that sees the need for change and is not afraid to go after that change. Its people like Bryan Ellenbecker that will make this county a better and safer place to live.

Jeff Filloon

City of Toledo citizen and supporter of Bryan Ellenbecker for Sherrif



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