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Says problems lie with Democrats

October 30, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

I cannot disagree more with the letter Jeannie Sieck posted in the Tama News Herald. Democrats are not putting people back to work. There are 23.1 million people out of work, which is 1.6 million more than there were out of work in 2009. President Obama is not rebuilding the economy for the middle class. The typical middle class family has lost $4300 in income the past year, and if the President is re-elected, you will see their income drop even more. Taxes will be on the rise, along with your health insurance premiums.

How can you say that the President has led us out of the "worst economic crisis in history" when unemployment is at 7.8%? If you factor in the people who are under-employed and others who have just quit looking for work, unemployment would be over 10%.

In regard to health care, Obama's plan was rammed down the public's throats. There was no single Republican in the House or the Senate who voted for the plan. There was no bi-partisan support. Also, there is more to this health plan than your health. How about the 3.8% to 5% tax on any real estate sold which is valued between three hundred thousand and five hundred thousand dollars? Also, what about the tax on your bank account for making deposits and withdrawals? Yes, this is also in Obama's health plan. What else is in this plan that we don't know about?

Obama supports same-sex marriage and has refused to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in Federal Court.

Obama has made an assault on religious freedom. He has mandated that religious charities cover health services that violate their faith.

Israel is the only country in the East that supports the USA, and Obama has snubbed them. Instead of meeting with their prime minister, he was off for another fund raiser.

Obama not only supports abortion on demand, but he wants the taxpayers to fund it.

In closing, I would like for you to give thought to Obama's presidency. He has not led; he has spent four years campaigning for this election. If there are laws to be followed that he doesn't like, he offers Executive Privilege to by-pass them. Is this a man you want leading this country for the next four years?

Royce Huton




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