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Questions Romney's past

October 31, 2012
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

I have a few election considerations to share with your readers.

For those who have a computer, I would ask you to do a search on "What Does Bain Capitol Own". You are going to see that Romney and Bain own 850 radio stations, and they own the contracts of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and many other conservative talk show hosts. Their Clear Channel ownership means they own WHO radio in Des Moines as well as several other in Iowa.

Next type in "Bain Capitol Wikepedia, the Free Encyclopedia", and you will see a partial list of all the businesses Romney and Bain own. I count 4 in Marshalltown.

You will note that they own HCA-Hospital Corporation of America. It is the largest provider of private health care in the world. They have hundreds of facilities.

You've heard the President say he is going to save $716 billion in Medicare by cutting the amount paid to providers. Romney says he will restore those cuts trying to paint the picture that Senior Citizens are being hurt. His ownership in HCA makes what's going on here pretty plain.

The "Obama 2016" movie has a lot of people talking. If you search the credits of the movie, you find it is distributed by Rocky Mountain Pictures Company. That company is located in Salt Lake City. Also you have probably heard, the guy responsible for the movie, Dinesh D'Souza, resigned his position as President of Kings College.

With all that's been said about President Obama's past, Mitt Romney seems to be able to keep the news from revealing his. During the Iowa Caucus in 2007, it came out that Romney was on the Board of Directors of Marriot Hotel and they were providing in-room pornography, a multi -million dollar business. Those who have tried to get the minutes of the Marriot Board meetings to see how Romney voted, have been denied the minutes, because they are "proprietary".

The Morman owned Desert Morning News in Salt Lake City did an editorial titled, "The Nasty Taint of Porn", rebuking Romney. They said for a presidential candidate to rail against pornography when he is getting $25,000 per year plus stock for his position on the board, and then to be part of providing pornography to hotel guests is damaging to our society. It taints everything it touches including Mitt Romney.

You can read all this for yourselves by searching "Morman Business Hypocrisy" on AOL and Yahoo. Type in Mitt Romney's Marriot Pornography or something similar on Google and you can read about this too.

If President Obama had done this, it would be in every newspaper and definitely on Romney's radio stations. Why are we not hearing about it?

There were a number of Iowans and organizations like Iowa Right to Life and Dobson's "Focus on the Family who went after Romney on this in 2007, where are these people now?

Past President Ronald Reagan's Budget Director, David Stockman, appeared on Cavuito's Fox Business show 2 weeks ago. Cavuito introduced Stockman has having one of the best financial minds in the country. Stockman then, to Cavuito's obvious shock, proceeded to say that Romney's figures do not add up and his plans won't work. Cavuito could not get Stockman to say he would vote for Romney.

On the election .... my personal view is that Romney and Bain are going for acquisition for the U.S. Presidency.

Gary Hoskey




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