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Tama County voter turnout at 81 percent

Write-in Report

November 29, 2012
By John Speer - Editor , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

A total of 9,067 Tama County voters cast ballots in the Nov. 6 General Election, topping the vote totals in each of the presidential election years of 2008 and 2004.

The move to absentee voting continued in this election cycle with 2,865 absentee ballots cast. In Tama County in 2008 there was a total of 2,071 absentee voters and 1,900 in the 2004 General Election.

Tama County voters rejected a temporary, two-year increase in the fee for 911 emergency phone service. The $1 hike would have paid for upgrades to the system.

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Voters did not join the majority state-wide in the vote for retention of Iowa Supreme Court Justice David S. Wiggins. He received 3,271 votes for retention and 4,009 in opposition in Tama County.

There were no changes in the vote totals when the Board of Supervisors canvassed the election on Wednesday, Nov. 14.

Be aware the write-in votes are reported as they were listed in the precinct Tally Books. The spelling of names is not always the conventional way commonly known, but reflects the way the names were actually written in on the ballots.

Here are the official 2012 Tama County results:

U.S. President-

D- Barrack Obama 4,768 52.88%

R- Mitt Romney 4,098 45.45%

Other party- Gary Johnson (Lib) 45; Virgil Goode (Con) 23; Jill Stein (Grn) 19; Jerry Litzel (NBP) 9; 2 votes each: Gloria LaRiva (PSL), James Harris (SWP) 2

Write-ins- President- Ron Paul - 19; one vote each: Ben Lange, Billy Bo B, Nathan Kupka, Brody Pearson, Godl, Al Gore, Gary Johnson, Chad Upah, John Wayne Troxel, Warren Buffet, Fred Thompson, Roseann Barr, Jill Stein, Colin Powell, Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, Sara Palin

U.S. Vice President-

Write-ins- Ron Paul: 2; one vote each: Gary Johnson, Ormand Wilson, Andrew Napelitend, Ohi-Won-Kerobi, Han Solo, Alyson Kennedy, Paul Ryan, Joey Dvorak

1st District U.S. Congress-

D- Bruce Braley 4,710

R- Ben Lange 3,964

Write-in- Curt Raue 1

Iowa Senate District 36-

D- Steve Sodders 4,420

R- Jane Jech 4,346

Write-in- None recorded

Iowa House District 72-

D- Nathan Wrage 4,485

R- Dean Fisher 4,191

Write in- one vote each: John Bostian, Mike Donley, Dan Quigley

Tama County Supervisor

District 2-

D- Kendall Jordan 2,247

Write-in- Keith Sash 3; Jeff Filloon 2; one vote each: Curtis Raue, Mike Mathern, Frederick Harrington, Jeff Filloun, John anderson, Darin King, Steve Schurr, Lance Horbach, Rick Hayden, Judi Chizek, Anyone but, Michael J. Adams, Sharon Marvin, Dan Anderson, Sponge Bob , Steve Luethje, Luke Squires, Mike Richardson, Kyle Chaska, Dallas Wiese, John Speer, Cheryl Titcomb, Alan Kouba, Dino Baldazo

Tama County Supervisor

District 3-

D- Dan Anderson 1,630

R- Luke Squiers 867

Write-ins- one vote each: Bran Staker, James Lacina, Dan Wilkins

Tama County Auditor-

D- Laura Kopsa 6,936

Write-ins- two votes each: Ann Princehouse, Lori Bearden, No Name, Ron Paul, Michelle Nelson; one vote each: Michael Adams, Kenny Marvin, Frederick Harrington, Christy Wilson, Billy, James Kupka, John Bostian, Madelan Harms, Mickey Mouse, Shelly Young, Lester Gebhardt, Mark Fetter, Julie Wilkerson, Rick Hayden, Shannon Clark, Jack Boyer, Joe D. Schmidt, Sam Seebach, Adam Stone, Bruce Pippert, John Lynn, Robert Kvidera, S. Meihe, Dale Degner, Beth Miller, Dennis Luethje, Mary Jo Cherveny, Mary Kendal, Bob Mullen, Kermit the Frog, Scott Klern, D. Kucera, Dave Ramsey, Deb Kupka, John anderson, Doug Ray, Tiffany Feisel

Tama County Sheriff - R- Dennis Kucera 5,113

D- Bryan Ellenbecker 3,760

Write-ins- one vote each: Ned Flanders, Willy Karsjen, Luke Squires, Frederick Harrington, Will Karsjen, Bob Kendal, Richard Keller



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