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The conclusion of the love story

The Way I See It

March 3, 2013
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Can anyone believe I've dragged this story out for three weeks? I know the suspense is killing everyone and today you get the conclusion. And remember several things; the story is true; I am still alive and Deb still married me. But don't feel too sorry for her as my Mom told her not to marry me!! So, here's the conclusion of "The Love Story That Almost Wasn't."

We're at Deb's farmhouse south of Chelsea. We're now engaged! We have a lover's spat. She gives me back her engagement ring. Nothing is turning out as I planned. Without thinking I throw the ring out into the farmyard. Within minutes, we make up, kiss, hug and all that stuff. She wonders about the ring, but remember, the truth is, I feigned throwing the ring. Gulp! She begins searching for the ring! Yes, she really does. I stand watching her. She asks me to help. I help her looking for the ring. But it's clutched nicely in the palm of my hand. Gulp again!

After about an hour of "looking" Deb and I hug again. She's crying. I trying to think of a plan! She wails, "John, we'll never find that ring. Oh, what will we do?" So here's the picture. We're facing each other, hugging and holding onto each other. She's crying. I'm scared now to death.

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As were standing outside in her parent's farmyard, I slowly remove my arm with the hand holding the ring and bring my hand between the two of us. And then I very slowly open my fist and let the ring fall to the ground between us. You see, I have to make sure I don't lose it. This is a very critical moment. After I drop the ring, I glance down and can see it sitting there right on the ground between us. We don't move. I make sure of that. We just continue hugging, crying and worried that the ring is lost forever. At least that's Deb's perception.

Cleverly I at some point look down and exclaim to Deb, "Honey, look! Right down there! What is that? Oh my, is that the ring?" I sound amazed and astounded. Deb bends down, picks it up and joyfully exclaims, "Yes, yes, yes. John, this must be an act of God. We've looked all over this farmyard and right exactly where we stopped and made up is where we found the ring."

Well, what's a guy to do? She is so excited! She says something like "Honey, our life together must be destined of God." Well, I suppose, I thought, but perhaps with a little help from me. However, I could never tell her this, could I? As you can imagine, my little honey, Debbie is quite excited about all this, but I convince her that we should just keep it a secret between us and the big guy upstairs. She agrees!

So, we get married about ten months later. And I never told her the truth. Nope, never! Every now and then, Deb would talk about it with me, always with awe and amazement. Until one day!!!! You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!!

Several years later, (ya, it's been my secret now for several years), we''re out with a bunch of our friends in our old life in Iowa City. We're all in the same room but the guys are with the guys and the gals with the gals. And I am regaling about our engagement. And after several years of this "secret" behind me, I absent-mindedly forgot that Deb didn't know the whole story. So here's how my story ended...."And guys, you wouldn't believe it, as Deb and I were hugging, I just dropped the ring right between us and my oh my, she thought that's where we really found it." I'm laughing, the guys are hysterical but suddenly, there is this shriek from the other side of the room, "WHAT?" It was Deb! The truth came out! Gulp, gulp, gulp! After a long evening of explaining a whole bunch of stuff, Deb came to the conclusion that perhaps our relationship together wasn't as "God-oriented" as she had thought. But for her to still love me and forgive me and all that's transpired since, I think it has been "God-oriented." Don't you?

But remember......I'm still alive and we still got married. Thus ends the saga of "The Love Story That Almost Wasn't".

Email me at or call me at 319-334-4117 for either sympathy for me or Deb. Ok, not for me!!!



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