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Lest we forget

The Way I See It

March 17, 2013
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

As everyone knows, we have been at war for a very long time now. Since 9/11, we have been officially fighting the war on terror. That war started unofficially years before. Right now, our United States military is deployed all across this world in more than 150 different countries. Their number is approximately 175, 000 men and women, with many, if not most stationed in combat zones in the Middle East. I ran across this article a short time ago and thought it a good time to share this week.

On March 26, 2003, Army Sergeant, Brian Horn, one of 1000 soldiers parachuted into enemy territory in Northern Iraq. Five months later, he was finally able to call his parents. They had been sending their son about six care packages a week. During his phone call, Brian asked his parents to please send more. The Horns thought Brian was kidding, but he stated, "It's for the soldiers that don't get any."

Thus the idea for was birthed that day. The Horns created a website explaining the project, offering Brian's address as a place to send care packages. It was important they said to include the words, "Attn: Any Soldier" on the package. Brian would then give these packages to soldiers not receiving any mail. Within two weeks after creating this website, email's were flooding in from all over the country. After just one year, this project was opened up to all the Military branches and soldiers from every realm of service duty were receiving care packages.

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To date, have served over 2 MILLION TROOPS stationed throughout the world. Recipients of these care packages express gratitude, joy, amazement and awe at the support they receive and feel from the people back home. Here are a few responses from Unit Leaders:

"Thank you so much for your support...seeing the faces of my troops when they get to open a package is what keeps us going around here."

"I just want to thank everyone who is involved with this from the bottom of my heart. It is a great honor to hand one of your care packages to a soldier of mine who hasn't received anything for a long time. I wish you could see the joy on their faces as I hand them their package."

"Thanks so much for all the care packages and letter, especially those from the school kids. Morale is up high as we read and share. I can't tell you enough how grateful we are. In my eyes, you guys are the real heroes."

Brian Horn says, "I couldn't be more proud to have been a part of such an honorable organization as The hope that somebody out there cared enough to help out; that someone does in fact love them as they deservedly should be loved and the hope that some day their involvement in the fight on terror was to preserve those that believed in them so much through and through, until the fight was done. We fight so that maybe, just maybe, yours and my grandchildren won't have to."

I thought that perhaps there's an organization, church, family or school class out there that might like to check the website out. It's called It's worth a look.

Thanks for reading. Be blest this week and BTW........SPRING IS A-COMING!! Let me know what you think at or call me at 319-334-4117.



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