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From God’s Perspective –

News-Herald Guest View

April 21, 2013
By Pastor Paul Rendall - Reformed Baptist Church , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

My main point to you over the past foureditorials has been that God cannot bless a nation that does not keep His commandments.

It is true that God is kind and good even to evil and ungrateful men, but He is also a God of justice. He will not change his mind about His bringing His judgments upon our individual or our national sins if we will not repent and believe in Jesus Christ, and change to do what is right.

If we have other gods before God, if we take His name in vain in cursing and swearing, if we don't remember the Christian Sabbath, the Lord's Day, to keep it holy by going to church, and we insist on doing our six-day work on His day, then how can God bless us long-term? He cannot and He will not.

The 5th Commandment says this: "Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you." The intent of this command is that you would have a proper respect for the authorities that God has placed in your life, and if you do, God will bless you with long life. It is a principle with God; He will bless those persons who give their parents honor.

God is our Father, and we should honor Him, first, if we as parents would be honored by our children. The child's honoring their father and mother can only really begin when their parents honor God and seek to do His will as it is found in the Bible. This command for the child to honor primarily pertains to parents, but it also includes teachers, pastors, and government officials who are in authority, on all levels.

It is a command for respect to their position, and for their persons, because of their office. It is godly parents who will teach their children the truth of the Bible; what is right and wrong, and their need of Jesus Christ to see their sinful heart change, so they will live wisely, caring about God's expectations and the needs of people around them.

It will be parents who teach their children by their own good example how to face difficulties and temptations to sin, by faith in Christ, who will do their children the greatest service that they can imagine. The objection to honoring your parents might be this;

What if my parents do not do what is right themselves? The answer is that you should understand that they need the grace of Christ to do what is right just as much as you do.

Honor them by listening to them and do what they are asking you to do if it is right. If they are not doing what is right, do not fight with them, but ask God for the wisdom and grace to help them to see what is right.

God will help those who honor Him.



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