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Annual Pet Peeve Column

June 2, 2013
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Perhaps only the most faithful readers of this column would know that the week after Memorial Day, is my annual Pet Peeve column. At the beginning of summer, I just gotta tell you those things that just "irk" me to no end. So here goes:

* I want the Media to stop immediately posting continuous pictures of captured mass murderers and terrorists. Quit giving them pictorial glory.

* I'm tired of gas stations and stores selling stuff with the price $5.99 or $397.9. Come on, round if off--you guys ain't foolin' anyone.

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John Sheda

* Donald Trump and Al Sharpton. Can anyone stand either of these two guys?

* My annual "un-favorite." Sandals and socks!! Especially black socks. Sandals have holes in them which mean, "Do not wear socks." Geeesh!!

* What is the purpose of commercials? To entice one to buy or to be so ridiculous that one doesn't forget the product. I hate that pig commercial in Geico ads.

* Many years ago, upon returning home from vacation, Deb said as we pulled into the driveway,"Home again, home again, jiggity jig." I mentioned it to her and the kids one time and now--ya, every single time, someone begins the saying. I'm gonna have it put on my tombstone!!!

* I have a friend who often asks during a round of golf, "What am I doing wrong?" Is he asking rhetorically or should I answer, "Ah, how about trying archery, bowling or sand volleyball?"

* Don't know if it happens to you, but all too often, I put money in various vending machines and nothing comes out. Kicking it and screaming doesn't seem to help. Any suggestions??

* Don't you just love people who after about 15 minutes say, "So to make a long story short..." Ah,'s already been too long!!

* This is Debs: She buys something, starts to put it together and there aren't enough pieces to do it right, or the wrong pieces too. Stay out of her way when this happens!!

* Son-in-law Ben abhors knuckle-crackers, gum-smackers and the cowards who broke into his vehicles the other night. He would like to visit you sometime!!

* Daughters Annie and Kaye: Annie thinks that if you don't want to do something, just tell her "No." You don't have to beat around the bush. Kaye will not be too happy with you if your turning signal is on and you're not turning.

* And finally, I have a little problem with these pro athletes and movie stars making millions....and then several years later declaring bankruptcy. Did you really need seven cars and three houses when you were making your millions? Now, we have to bail you out! Grrrrr.

Oh, I have many more, but would like to hear what some of yours are.

Share them with me at or call me at 319-327-4640. Love to hear from you. Have a great week and be blest.



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