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Questions T-T Aquatic Center ticket policy

June 19, 2013
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Dear Editor:

It was brought to my attention today after I already purchased my family's season ticket for the Aquatic Center, that since my Fiance and I filed our taxes separate and are not legally married that he and I couldn't be on the same season ticket. Even though we both live in the same house, and have kids together.

I'm not the only family that this affects. Nor are we the only family that is upset about it. I guess who is the board to decide what the legal definition of "family" is? Because as far as I'm concerned married or not we are family, we have gone thru more together then any legally married couple has. And we as taxpayers pay for that pool in one way or another!! According to Marshalltown Aquatic Center (I was told that Tama/Toledo's policy was from their policy) Copied right from their website: "Family" is defined as up to two adults residing at the same address and up to four legally supported children ages 18 and under. Yes doing this there are limitations but they are more realistic for today's society. Really now days who is married? All it is a piece of paper stating the obvious. Steve is my kid's dad, because theirs can't be here with them. We don't need any paper to say what we feel. We are not trying to abuse the rule and adding the kid that spends the summer with us, we are just trying to be a family and do things together with our kids, and keep our kids out of trouble.

As a members of this community we want to spend our money in this town but when it comes down to things like this It just frustrating, and at times it gives us no other options but to go outside of town to do something that we should be able to do in a town that we were born and raised in. If we want the pool to make money and people to support our places like the pool we need to stay competitive with the pools close by. This is small town...let's keep the small town feeling here. I think if 6 people live in a home. Regardless of marriage or not...those 6 should get to use the pass. Keep in mind also that those 6 people will more than likely also make the concession stand money.

Needless to say I got my refund for the ticket that we bought, and if it comes down to it right now I would rather pay $34 more and drive my family to Marshalltown where I know that my kids and my Fiance will be able to swim as a family. That is the whole reason it's called a family pass, and we can use it as a family!!

Anne Rutledge




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