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Annual pet peeves column

The Way I See It

April 13, 2014
By John Sheda ( , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

I've been promising this column for weeks now and the time has arrived. Why now you may ask? There is a reason to my madness. The reason is two-fold: first the column coincides with Spring; a time of new beginnings and of course new pet peeves. Secondly it's close to April Fool's Day which if you think about it pet peeves and fools are somewhat synonymous! I'm using first names only because several people mentioned slander, libel and agh.....lawsuits!! Here we go:

Joe from up near Montour said it angers him that stores and gas stations write the price like $5.99 or $3.44 &9/10. Yea, as if we're fooled. Just give it to us straight, ok?

Betty said she gets a little disgusted when newspapers and columnists, (Me??) make grammatical arrors and misspellings in the noosepapers. She wonders where those proofreaders are??

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John Sheda

Lots of driving ones: slow drivers in left lane; people who don't use turn signal; those who do and then don't turn; those "zig-zaggers" (oops, guilty); people who pass you and then slow down in front of you; and of course those "texters." Keep your eyes and focus on the road!!

Roger in Tama who hates those people who interrupt him when he's trying to say something. Or maybe when he's already interrupting!

Margaret in Toledo really hates it when she accidently drops a piece of buttered toast and it always lands on the buttered side. Hmmm, how often do you drop the toast, Margaret?

Many people dislike all the drama that takes place on Facebook. Remember what I was told, "John, cheer up, things could get worse." Yea, so I cheered up and sure enough, things got worse!!

Mary, Sue, Tony and Larry of Chelsea all are quite disgusted when people walk out of the restrooms and don't wash their hands.

A couple of you mentioned your pet peeve is anything about Justin Bieber.

While several others said that we should all stop idolizing movie stars and sports stars as heroes, and giving honor where honor is due-TO THE VETERANS AND SERVICE MEN & WOMEN!!

Deb, (yea, my Deb) is not a happy camper when she catches someone (?) drinking milk/juice straight out of the container. Gee, hate to dirty another glass!!

Agnes from Clutier emailed me and said why do people with grocery carts full go into the "ten items or less" lane? I have no idea and actually last week, I didn't think my cart was THAT full.

Several of you mentioned that if you're gonna walk your dog, please don't have them do their business in their yards! Or they just might go to your yard--oh, never mind!!

Don thinks parents should not give their kids weird names. How many think Don is a weird name?

Wilma doesn't feel that arrogant bosses should berate, yell, throw fits at their underlings in full view of everyone, just to show their superiority or cover up their mistakes! I concur.

Donna thinks that if you are sent an invitation with RSVP, then, doggone it, RSVP them so they know who's coming or not.

More driving pet peeves; people who won't turn right on red; people who think the yellow light means "speed up;" people who keep turning long after the green turning arrow has stopped.

Whew. Lots of "peevin' people" out there. Ok, here's no particular order:

I know with spring & summer coming, I'm gonna see lots of sandals. Please guys--if you're gonna wear sandals, don't wear socks! Especially black socks. It defeats the purpose of sandals, right?

Here's a new one. The other day, I peeled a hard boiled egg to put on my salad. My gosh, the yolk was yucky runny. Come on, if you're gonna hard boil and egg than finish the job!!!

The other day, someone told an embarrassing story about me and as he was telling it, he said, "hey look at John, he's face is turning red." Then everyone looked and if it wasn't that red at first, it sure was now. I put that guy on my "hit list." Revenge, I say, revenge! Don't point out when I'm getting red, ok? Now I know I've opened a can of worms here.

People who are so dang opinionated and think they're always right. It upsets people like me who is right....and opinioned.

The phrase, "just saying." Ah, your mouth is moving and I hear you so you don't really need to tell me your "just saying."

And finally............not finding that %$^&%$$ remote control. I need it and I need it now.

That's it. Let me know if I struck any chords out there. My email is and my phone is 319-327-4640. Have a great week. Ya know.....I feel better!!



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