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Letters- Tama co. Sheriff, Grassley,Edler, Judges, Hillary

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November 5, 2016
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Dear Editor,

To listen to the media, they would say that this election is over. The Trump voters are unhinged and way off in left field because they think there could be voter fraud. If there is no chance for voter fraud and dead people never vote nor do non-citizens, and we have no chance for the general election to be rigged, by hacking or otherwise ... then why on earth are the Democrats so concerned that the Russians could alter the election results. Relax Democrats according to Obama himself "it is just not possible."

Robert Youngman


Dear Editor,

Chuck Grassley will not admit this but I think Grassley will vote for Monica Vernon over Rod Blum for first district U.S. house. That way Grassley can have his grandson Pat Grassley run for house seat in future against the democrat.

Then when Chuck retires he can have his grandson Pat run for his senate seat. I feel Chuck thinks only a Grassley should be in the senate NO other Iowans republican or democrat.

Mr. D. A. Benda


Letter to the Editor:

In response to Anne Michael's letter regarding Jeff Edler and his campaign funding, why question Edler's funding when the bigger worry is who is financing Hillary".

She is quite the example. No one trusts her because she takes money from countries that treat women, children and gays horribly and then claims to be a champion of these same groups. The countries Hillary gets money from kill gays by pushing them off buildings. They rape women, deny them education, and have them killed for disobedience. Husbands are allowed to assault the children as well

The Clinton Foundation has accepted $12 Million from the Moroccan President, $25 Million from Saudi Arabia, and $5 Million-$7 Million from countries like United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Oman. Hypocrite Hillary won't give the money back or refuse it because she is NOT a champion for women, children or LGBT. She is a champion for money and herself. CROOK.

Joyce Wiese


Letter to the Editor:

Yet more negativity from Bryan Ellenbecker who is running for Tama County Sheriff.

He wants us to believe in his letters to the editor that a decent man like Dennis Kucera is trying to intimidate people who support him (Ellenbecker), and is being untruthful about issues. I guess when you have nothing of substance to offer negativity rules your campaign.

Many of us have known Sheriff Kucera for years and know the level of decency in this man, and the unlikelihood that he would lie or try to intimidate people.

Thank you Sheriff Kucera for running such a positive campaign, in the face of undeserved negative attacks. Thank you for the decency with which you conduct yourself and your office.

Bruce Rhoads


Letter to the Editor:

I have been Sheriff of Tama County for 16 devoted years. During my tenure, I have never participated in negative or slanderous campaigning, nor will I start. I respect all individuals' right to formulate their own opinions about me, however, I don't always agree with how people choose to express those. No matter what position you are voting for, whether it is president, senator, representative, or sheriff, I encourage you to seek the truth behind every claim and allegation you may hear about a candidate.

As an elected official representing Tama County, it is my duty to remain professional and truthful. I have an open door policy and if you have any questions or concerns I invite you to come in and discuss those with me. If you want an honest and straight forward answer to a question, I will give it to you.

Remember, lies and accusations do not win elections; loyalty, dedication, honesty, service, and integrity win elections. As sheriff of Tama County for the last 16 years, I have proven to possess these characters, and I expect the same from my staff as well. I now ask for your continued support and vote as I run for re-election as Sheriff of Tama County on November 8th.

Due to a rumor going around, when re-elected, I WILL (God willing) complete my term in office as your Sheriff.

Dennis P. Kucera


Letter to the Editor:

No No No

When you place your vote be it absentee or at the polls in a few days, turn your ballet over. Vote No for the three Iowa Supreme Court Justices, Brent Appel, Mark Cady, & Daryl Hecht. These are 3 of the remaining 7 Justices who voted to force same sex marriage on the people of Iowa. At the time of this vote over 70% of Iowans were opposed to same sex marriage. Three of these Justices have already been voted out of their posistions and now is the time to vote these three out. These are liberal judges who did not represent the majority of Iowans. They are not only for same sex marriage but support abortion and all the other issues that go along with these agendas. A No vote for these Justices will be a positive step in saving Iowa and the Nation from those who desire to change what was once a great Nation and can be again. Your vote is so important for our children and grandchildren.

Don Norton


Letter to the Editor:

Hillary has been in Washington for 30 Years and done nothing for any of us. She claims to be an advocate for healthcare, but look how that has turned out. Too expensive for me! It will be more of Obamals failed policies and we just cannot afford to keep this pace going forward.

Donald Trump is a true business man. I like it that he came out first on the Time Warner-AT&T transaction. He recognized right away that it would be too much concentration of power. Hillari had to be told what position she should have. Trump is a born leader and he does have a great mind to make our economy grow and spur better paying jobs for all of us. Believe me we don't need 4 more years of stagnant growth. This is your chance to save kelp our country. Go Trump 2016!

John R. Novak




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