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Letters- Vote wisely, Sodders, Edler, McMullin, Fisher,

November 6, 2016
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

A Voice in the Wilderness

What a great privilege it is for a common man like me to share my thought with my community. Please let me be brief.

Next week our nation will go to the polls to decide which direction America will go. It is not for me to convince you who to vote for. I just encourage you to vote.

Voting is more than a privilege or right, it is a responsibility.

I run the risk of sounding like a voice in the wilderness when I suggest that you consider, what would God do?

He gives and he takes away.

We have two imperfect candidates. One will set the course and attempt to navigate America through some very dangerous water called the "future." There is an iceberg out there called "God's Judgement" that can sink Titantics and Nations if disregarded or ignored.

Please vote wisely.

Jim and LaRae Little


Letter to the Editor:

Edler is Experienced

Jeff Edler has the experience we need to tackle the challenges facing the future of our district and our State. Our Current Senator, Steve Sodders, has been in the senate for 8 years.

After 8 years I believe it is time to give someone new the opportunity to represent us and share their ideas for our future. Jeff is a business owner and family farmer. He has tackled tough challenges head on as the President of Consumers Energy.

Jeff will work to return common sense to our State Government by passing pro-business policies that help our job creators grow and provide the jobs our communities rely on, by making sure our schools have the resources they need, by making sure our state budget is balanced - just like our families have to do, and by pushing back against the overreach of both our state and federal government when it threatens our jobs and family farms.

Jeff is leader we need in the State Senate.

Carol Wiedenmann


Letter to the Editor:

I'm supporting Jeff Edler for State Senate because he has pledged to return common sense to our State Government.

Isn't it time we had a representative that works for us, shares our values, and works hard for our district? Jeff has experience leading with common sense.

As President of Consumers Energy board, Jeff was always accountable and transparent to the members. Jeff brought the focus of the coop back to providing reliable, safe, an affordable energy to the members while also returning their money back to them.

We need someone like Jeff who's experience as a farmer, business owner, and as Consumers Energy President gives him a wide perspective on how to solve our tough challenges. Jeff will focus on creating good jobs, making sure our schools have the resources they need to provide a quality education to our children, and protecting our rural main street businesses and family farms.

Please remember to vote in this election and join me in supporting Jeff for State Senate.

Pat VonAhnen


Letter to the Editor:

Every citizen in this country knows that the two main candidates in this election have made a mockery of us, our country and our Constitution. The time has come to reawaken our self-respect and attend to our duty by rejecting these corrupt candidates. We must demand better for our children and our future and return to the spirit this country was founded on by electing a man who understands that the blessings of liberty and justice belong to everyone.

Evan McMullin ( is that man. On the ballot in Iowa and with ballot access in 45 states by Election Day, he has the knowledge, courage and integrity to lead. Fiscally conservative with an unbelievable grasp on foreign policy, and with a truly American approach to social and humanitarian issues, make him, by far, the strongest candidate.

Ten years in the CIA, two more in the financial world and the last three years as Policy Counsel for the GOP in the House of Representatives, has made him unflinching in his determination to shine a bright light on the dark corners of our government.

He is razor sharp on every issue, never ruffled, and has an uncanny ability to cut to the heart of every issue. We need someone who understands and exercises "principle before party, principle before pocketbook, principle before popularity." Please, stand with me to reclaim our country, our integrity, our potential, and our future.

Vote Evan McMullin for President. Because it's never too late to do the right thing.

April Cline-Jones

Iowa City

Letter to the Editor:

A few weeks ago, Jeff Edler attacked my friend and Marshall County Sheriff's Deputy Steve Sodders in a mailer for wearing his uniform while on duty. He called him "unethical" for doing his job.

I know Steve Sodders as a hard working, dedicated deputy who puts his life on the line every day. Edler should be ashamed and apologize to Deputy Sodders and all of law enforcement for his reckless ad.

I will be voting for Sodders in large part because of his experience as a law enforcement officer for over 25 years. Please reject Jeff Edler and support Sodders for Senate.

Terry Metz


Dear Editor,

There is only one person that I would support for Iowa House and that is Dean Fisher! He has the common sense that works for creating jobs and for controlling the budget and reducing the size of government. He understands that you cannot spend more than you bring in. The way that you create more jobs is by reducing taxes so businesses can grow.

With that being done that means there will be more jobs for hard working Iowans that are thirsty for a paycheck! To wrap this up, Dean also gives of his time to the people that he serves including the military, law enforcement, and to the fire departments. There is no other person that does as much as Dean.

That is some of the reasons I support Dean Fisher and I hope that you will too.

Frank Moran


Letter to theEditor:

I truly like Dean Fisher; I just don't like the way he votes. Cutting teachers, larger classes, dropping programs - our schools continue to be underfunded. Dean argues that we can't spend money we don't have. Then he should not have voted to send our money out of state to a virtual private school. We need it here.

Dean voted in favor of privatizing Medicaid - a disaster with people needing care suffering and providers frustrated with paperwork and non-payment. The Des Moines Register has articles almost daily on this disaster. Dean should not continue to support for profit privatization.

Branstad has never met a corporation he didn't like or to which he would not give our tax money. This has become a lop-sided practice - the money going to the top has meant less and less money for Iowans. Instead of supporting Branstad, Dean needs to vote so that more balance is restored.

The Senate came up with a carefully crafted plan for medical cannabis oil stricter than any other state's plan. Dean voted against it. Research has shown the value of cannabis oil in relieving chemotherapy patients' suffering and greatly reducing seizures. Regardless of your view here, when confronted by desperate parents whose child is stricken with multiple seizures daily, Dean should never have told them to go back to Colorado.

Spending a day at the Capitol with a group lobbying to keep IJH open, I was asked this question by representatives, "Why doesn't YOUR representative put forward a bill?" This undercut our lobbying efforts. Later when Dean did put forward a bill, it was very close to the Senate bill by Senator Sodders. He needed to draft a bill amenable to the house, so Senate and House bills could be combined in compromise - at least two views are needed for compromise to exist. We can recall that former Representative Lance Horbach took on the fight to keep IJH open, and he won that fight.

Dean Fisher is a good person. However, because of his views and votes, I will support Nate Wrage who is committed to timely and adequate school funding, clean water, and making sure our tax money serves Iowans' needs first.

Anne Michael


Letter to the Editor:

Why anyone from the Tama County area would want to back Steve Sodders for State Senator for our district, I can't imagine. When Disability Rights of Iowa, a tax supported non-profit group of lawyers, led the charge against the State Juvenile Home of Toledo and the Des Moines Register printed their story, they were joined by Senator Sodders in their false charges. For instance, wasn't Senator Sodders the person shown in the Newspaper standing in the door of one of the "concrete cells" declaring there were no windows in these rooms? In the picture the window was shown behind Sodders. I totally do not understand Sodders joining the Des Moines Register in telling these false stories about the Juvenile Home.

In respect to the Juvenile Home in Toledo, when the problems really started was when the Juvenile Home was renamed and repurposed to house the State Girls Training School and the Juvenile Home. This was when the Juvenile Home was changed to house criminal young girls sentenced by the court, and no other state facility could handle .

This was the beginning of the end of a very beneficial home for young people in the State of Iowa who needed a home, guidance and education. A few residents of the Tama County area refused to believe this story as it happened and would rather blame Governor Branstad for the closing. Governor Branstad had no choice and in order to prevent lawsuits, ordered the closing. Incidentally, at the present time, how many law suits have been filed by these young women and their lawyers? How many have been settled?

To those non-believers, let's get together and check out the Des Moines Register and see how this unfolded.

When Senator Sodders first made his appearance in Tama County at the Civic Center in Tama, my question to him concerned what was his background, farming, business, employee? His only background presented was deputy sheriff for many years. I think this explains his lack of knowledge concerning other fields.

Running against Sodders is an intelligent, upstanding, honest, farmer and businessman from State Center, Jeff Edler, with an excellent resume. Let's not let Senator Sodders damage this community any further. VOTE EDLER November 8.

Dallas Wiese


Letter to the Editor:

Poor Jeff Edler. Seems he just can't spend enough money to get his message across. Maybe it's because there is no message; no specifics. Instead, he's just spending his time tearing down Steve Sodders' record. It's a concern that if Jeff Edler can foolishly spend money on falsehoods and lies during a campaign, wonder how much damage he'll do in Des Moines.

I'm not about to take that chance ... I'm sticking with Steve Sodders on Nov. 8!

Billi Jo Jamell




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