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Deb's got something to say!!

the Way She Sees it

January 29, 2017
By Deb sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

For the most part, my wife, Deb (Veit), is pretty easy going. Very little ruffles her feathers, (except for some of the things I do from time to time). However her dander is up and she's got something to say. So without any further introduction or notice, here is The Way Deb Sees It.

"I am outraged. I really am. Who does Madonna think she is that she can speak the horrible and mean-spirited words she spewed? After all, wasn't the Women's March supposed to be peaceful? She used her stardom status and elitist attitude stating that since Donald Trump was elected President, she thought many times about "blowing up the White House." Isn't this a terrorist statement? Many in the audience heard her spew her violence-filled hatred for our President and I find in unbelievable that any American citizen, (yes, even you Madonna), would seemingly want the White House blown up!!! Again, isn't this terrorism and shouldn't it be treated as such by our Secret Service? Why wasn't she immediately arrested?

Think about it for a minute. If you or I had publicly made such a statement, we would have had been hauled away instantly. But wait, Madonna's NOT like you and me, is she? She's an elitist celebrity who can say and do as she pleases. She and so many others who, like her, are held to a different standard aren't they? THIS IS WRONG!

So, here are my thoughts about all this. I've decided to hold my own little boycott on Hollywood. I will not watch any of those television, music and movie self-idolizing award shows any longer. That includes you Merle Streep!! Plus, I am going to be very selective about the movies I attend from now on. Sorry John, but you'll have to go alone to those movies starring Robert DeNiro, Matt Damon and so many others. This goes for movies that I rent or buy too.

And getting back to you Madonna--you are about as far away from being a role model as one can get. You have no moral right to ever get behind a microphone again at any kind of march or rally. That goes for you too Ashley Judd. Your kind on anger and hatred is not what we want our youth listening to and seeing. I'm sure there were many young girls listening to your rants of violence, vulgarity and hatred. SHAME ON YOU!

I hope some readers of John's column are as outraged at these kind of demonstrations as I am and I hope maybe you will join me in boycotting their music and movies. They need us much more than we need them. Let's take a stand against this type of celebrity elitism that allows certain "privileged" people to get away spewing their brand of anger and hatred with no repercussions whatever."

Well, That's The Way Deb Sees It. And for the record, I concur completely.

Let her know what you think at or call her at 319.363.2356. She would love to hear from you.



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