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Supports defunding Planned Parenthood

January 27, 2017
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

Let's be honest, defunding Planned Parenthood (PP) is about abortion. Women aren't going to be losing their healthcare. No PP has ever been licensed to give mammograms. The only thing lost is going to be on-demand abortion. Abortions will still be available at the big hospitals. PP is a for-profit business, and the bulk of that profit is from killing unborn babies, and apparently selling their body parts. If PP had anything to do with women's healthcare then they would offer cheap prenatal care and cheap midwifery in addition to cheap abortions, but they don't offer any healthcare or baby delivering alternatives, they offer to kill your "mistake" for money. At least be honest about it. If PP were about family planning, they would offer adoption services, but they don't. Abortion isn't a right. Life is a right. A right that ought to be afforded to the unborn, even if they are an inconvenience.

Don't even bother with that phony, " Abortion is only 3% of PP's business" malarkey. If PP gives out 1,000,000 condoms and kills 30,000 babies, they get to claim it's only 3% of their business, but no amount of free birth control gives you the right to kill 30,000 people. Be honest, it's about covering up the indiscretions of an unwanted pregnancy. There is absolutely no healthcare void that PP is filling.

We are a civilized society and civilized societies don't kill people just because they are inconvenient.

I say defund PP, and I would love to ban all abortions, but you know what would be better? Doing away with the demand for PP altogether. The demand for abortions stems from frivolous sex, which stems from immorality, which stems from a melancholy church. Melancholy pastors neglect teaching on the evils of adultery and fornication, which has led to men and women, moms and dads allowing sexually immoral things into the home, which leads to teenage sons and daughters acting in kind. Moms will watch reality shows featuring a man manipulating and taking advantage of multiple women at the same time, then claim to be disgusted in real life by a man whose does the same thing, maybe even their own son. Dads will ogle women and watch lewd crude television in front of their children, then act shocked when their children act or are treated that same way. Pastors, preachers and churches are the ones that have let society down by neglecting to preach against the evils of not only murder/abortion, but of the sexual immorality that demands the abortion. In turn, moms and dads, by their actions, are the hypocrites that teach their kids the acceptance of unbridled physical intimacy. Those kids in turn grow up to have kids of their own, who have absolutely no foundation of a moral code whatsoever.

Defund PP and ban abortions, but Christians need to clean up the sexual immorality, even in their own homes and churches, defunding PP is closing the barn door after the cow already got out.

Adam Todd

Rural Tama



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