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Ideas for the Juvenile Home reuse

Chronicle Guest View

March 3, 2017
Bu John Anderson , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

The Toledo Chronicle Editor asked me to write down the ideas I had, saying he thought I was on the right track and furthermore the current crop of ideas aren't "thinking big enough.".

Well, be careful what you ask for so here goes: One of the things I found startling about Tama County was its high degree of patriotism. The denizens don't wear it on their sleeves, but all one has to do is see the various flags be it marine flags, POW flags and even the United State flags and unlike the recent attempt to burn the flag in Iowa City and put out by a fire extinguisher by a UPS driver, I wouldn't advise doing something like that around Tama County.

Next you've got to look at North Korea. It currently has 28 nuclear weapons, and they've reached the stage where their now making a nuclear weapons every eighteen weeks. Despite what you've heard about ISIS, I read in the NY Times, places such as Trinidad are desperately trying to stem the flow of some of their people to join said organization. Try to follow me hear, what is the one thing ISIS fears above all else, it would invariably be our drones. General Atomics in San Diego is the primary manufacture of said drones with Boeing and Rockwell Collins trying to play catch-up. If you look at Indian Hills Community College, the most lucrative jobs after only two years with an AA degree are Computer Science, Electronics and Laser Technology. For student who do well there, 4 year colleges such as Stanford and Harvard are literally tripping over each other to recruit theses students.

I've asked the Meskwaki Settlement to start a Meskwaki Community College and I've asked Iowa Valley Community College to have a southern campus, no dice on both of them.

With the large acreage plus the college building is it really a stretch to get something going there. I imagine if the argument is put this way, a fire would be created in the belly of some of the more military minded denizens of Tama County to get something going at the Iowa Juvenile Home. If you think Defense Companies wouldn't help start a college in Tama County, emphasizing those degree's your sadly mistaken. Need I say more?

John Anderson lives in Tama and was a candidate for the Democrat nomination for Distrcit 72 State Represetative in 2016.



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