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Click Me! Tell-Tale Signs of Spring!

March 5, 2017
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

The weather a week ago or so was just gorgeous didn't you think? Highs in the upper sixties and even some seventies in the month of February.

Almost unheard of. But we readily accepted it and now all of our attention is focused on spring, spring, and more spring. So, besides the spotting of Robins, getting those flower and garden seen catalogues in the mail and figuring our what you're going to give up for Lent, what are some other signs that Spring is really just around the corner?

You know Spring has sprung when......

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John Sheda

Real basketball is finally getting underway; High School girls and boys tournaments and then those NCAA brackets come out.

You can every once in a while head outside with just a sweater or light jacket on. Time to put the winter coat away!!

You begin to even day dream about mowing the lawn. Ok, maybe I've stretched it a little too far.

You forgot that your forehead is covered with ashes. Oh yeah, spring is here. Ash Wednesday a couple of says ago. What ya givin' up for Lent??

It's time every now and then to open a window and let that beautiful Iowa fresh air in.

You leave your office for lunch and really hate to go back because it's such a nice day. Playing hookey sounds great.

You even are excited to see those first dandelions show up in your yard.

You think about putting on the "sweats" and jogging around the block--until you try it. Ah, maybe later!!

You compete with your spouse, kids, co-workers, etc. on just how many Robins you've seen so far.

You start wondering when Daylight Savings Time begins........and can't wait!!

You put the top down in the convertible even though it's a tad chilly. But now you can tell everyone you put the top down!!

You sit out on the deck and say to anyone listening, "Yea, Spring is my favorite season."

The steaks are thawed, burgers ready and you're firing up the grill.

You've seen your neighbors twice this past week. First time since middle of December.

You decide on your day off to wash and wax your car-at home-by hand!!

Now you know when spring is knocking on your door.

What's your favorite season? What's the tell-tale sign of spring in your home? And by the way, just what are you giving up for Lent?

I'm doing my usual up liver and onions.

That's The Way I See It.

Let me know how you see it at or call me at 319.327.4640.

See ya' out walking.



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