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Questions Union Pacific crossings closing proposal

March 17, 2017
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

In the article Union Pacific proposes closing two Tama crossings you forgot to mention that Union Pacific will just take the existing crossing lights/gates/electronic shed/electronics worth over $200,000 that WE paid for.

The equipment will be shined up and we will pay the same four times real costs prices elsewhere which is basically US receiving stolen goods.

Plus Union Pacific saves/makes $1,000s a year in maintenance fees where the signals don't exist on the two crossing. It isn't even legal to use $15,000 state railroad safety funds (OUR MONEY) on the 993rd and 1,027 most dangerous crossings in the state by Federal statutes that say fix the most dangerous crossings first.

The pedestrians who have a walking surface--signals-train horns now will still cross the rough tracks with no signals or train horns being human nature to take the shortest route. The winner for Union Pacific these pedestrians who become scrapes are then in the dirty rotten trespasser kill column.

So will the trains magically levitate where the 270 vehicles a day are funneled to? Do these drivers get compensated for time and vehicle expenses? The Federal records show NO problem with either crossing since 1980. If UP is so concerned why aren't they in jail for creating a public safety hazard to start with?

Robert Pines

Sullivan, Mo.



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