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Annual “pet-peeve” column

The Way I See it

April 16, 2017
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

For the past couple of weeks, I've been asking people what their #1 Pet Peeve was. First of all, I quickly found out that limiting people to just one "was their Pet Peeve." Geeesh. Sorry!! One guy asked what a pet peeve was. "How about pet hate, instead," he said. Hmmm....a tad bit of anger there, don't you think? A pet peeve are those habitual,little and favorite annoyances in life that bug the &^%*^% out of you. Here are some of your favorites.

* People who just don't ever shut up.

* Using cell phones, looking at texts in the movie theater.

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John Sheda

* Tailgaters, slow drivers in left lane, not using turn signals and sitting at green light are just a few of the many car related pet peeves.

* Joe hates people to interrupt him...especially when he's interrupting.

* Theresa gets upset with the different tones of loudness on TV. Each station is different.

* Several of you do not like business answering machines, ie. push # 1 for!!!!

* A lady who obviously cleans bathrooms can't understand how so many guys, (I assume), can miss the toilet. "Aim" she says, "Aim for gosh sake."

* Larry from Traer has many...hard butter, (first time I've ever heard this, but it's true), soft apples, unripe watermelon, women who don't put the toilet seat up, those medication ads where the side effects are just about everything and several others. How does he sleep at night worrying about that hard butter???

* Several of you are upset at all the News Channels explaining to us what everyone means when they're saying this or that. Ah, we can figure it out guys.

* Bill hates just about everything about cell phones. Just about everything.

* Oh, Larry also hates continuous TV commercials and the number of them. Many wondered why commercials are always louder than the show.

* George hates public restrooms that only have hot air hand dryers and no paper towels. I don't like that either.

* One lady simply hates stupidity. Hope she didn't mean me. She looked at me funny.

There are so many more....and I haven't even told you mine yet. Maybe another column in the near future. I end this column with the lady named Martha who detests people that spit on the sidewalk. Me too!!

Love to hear some more from you................nah, I've actually heard just about enough. That's The Way I See It............Let me know how you see it at or call me at 319.327.4640. Push #1 for this and #2 for that and #3 for anything else.




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