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Toledo Council holds nusiance abatement, rezoning hearings

April 20, 2017
By Allison Graham - The Chronicle ( , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Sandra McAntire was present at the Monday, April 10, Toleod City Counicl meeting for a public hearing regarding a nuisance abatement at 205 W. Business Hwy 30. The city of Toledo had received some complaints from citizens regarding the state of the property. McAntire feels that some of the items that the city deemed as a nuisance abatement were nit picky.

McAntire received a notice to abate from Chief Kendall that stated she was in violation of Toledo City Code Chapter 51.01 (1)(2) and Chapter 105.10.

"It would have been nice receiving a letter instead of having the police chief come down," said McAnitre.

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Toledo City Council and city officials
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Some items in question include an unlicensed Ford Motor Home. According to Police Chief Bob Kendall that is against State law. McAntire said she would get plates on the vehicle. She had intended to use the vehicle as a food truck. The next notice item in the notice was "junk / rubbish on the east side of the building." There is also a bicycle in the front of the building and she plans to put flowers around the bicycle.

McAntire is willing to work with the council but not if it's going to be a fight. "If it's going to be a nit picky fight I'm cool with taking my toys and going home," said McAntire.

McAntire would like to build a privacy fence to hide some of the items. There was also discussion about the fence code that she had built previously that had been approved by the council. The council decided to review in 30 days as to how things have been remedied. McAntire had other questions regarding garlic that had been mowed over at a previous time at a different property.

Council member Boll removed himself from discussion because McAntire is purchasing the building on Highway 30 from Boll.

Toledo Heights Rezoning

A public hearing was held for the rezoning of agriculture to Business 2 for Graff Excavating. During the hearing Toledo Heights resident Frank Adair expressed his concern for the rezoning. Following the hearing the council voted unanimously to rezone the land from agriculture to Business 2.

Mike and Curt Graff were before the council on Monday 27. After hearing from both Toledo Heights residents and the Graff's at the March 13 meeting the council voted in a split decision, 3-2, with Terry Goodhart and Travis Mullen voting in favor of the recommendation from the planning and zoning committee to rezone the land to light industrial. Steve Vesely, Brian Sokol and Joe Boll voted against the recommendation from the planning and zoning committee.

The Council had heard from two different parties regarding a planning and zoning request and approval at the March 13 meeting. The two parties included residents from Toledo Heights and Mike and Curt Graff.

The planning and zoning commission approved the rezoning of an area of land near Toledo Heights from agriculture to light industrial. Mike and Curt Graff had planned building a 60 x 100' building to house excavating equipment.

Residents from Toledo Heights expressed concerns with noise and traffic in the area. The majority of the residents would have been in favor of houses being built on the land. The land however is not zoned for residential. It is zoned for agriculture.

Mike and Curt Graff returned the planning and zoning commission and the commission approved the rezoning be changed from agriculture to Business 2.

Downtown Toledo Zoning

Boll addressed the council stating that he had people question him within the past week as to where the city was at with rezoning downtown Toledo buildings to first floor apartments. In May of 2016 Council members Steve Vesely and Travis Mullen created a proposal on regulations for the potential rezone.

A public hearing was held on Thursday, May 19. at 6 p.m. at the Community Building where people spoke in favor and against the idea. Mullen reiterated at that public meeting that the proposal was created to ensure owners were creating structurally sound improvements and to improve downtown.

The rezoning of downtown buildings to first floor apartments has not been discussed by the council in months. Travis Mullen and Steve Vesely have since created a steering committee to begin looking into downtown revitalization.

"We would not recommend any changes to the proposed ordinance at this time," said Mullen.

Boll feels it needs to be revisited and stated they could talk about it at the next council meeting.

In other council business:

the council set a hearing date for a budget amendment to deal with acquisitions for the loan for the day care center

the council unanimously voted to approve Resolution 2017-13 Aquatic Center Funds Transfer

Old Business

City Attorney Mike Marquess stated he has received a signed copy of the law enforcement agreement with the Meskwaki Tribe


Mayor Svoboda has had Bob Kendall check on several vehicles around town

It was reported that the senior meals program has been offered space at the Toledo Legion. There is also a meeting at the Meskwaki Celebration Assembly of God church meeting with the Tama County a Council on Aging.

Kendall Jordan and the Public Works department are starting to get pool ready. They have also been working on sewers.

Chief Kendall issued two search warrants in the past weeks. Officer had taken a report of a car that had been broken into at Kwik Star. He found out who it was and was able to recover property that was stolen and the lady is sitting in jail on $25,000 cash only bond.



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