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Toledo Council votes for city to abate nuisance at Shoestring Jungle


May 18, 2017
By Allison Graham - The Chronicle ( , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Not much change has been seen at Shoestring Jungle according to Toledo Police Chief Bob Kendall.

Kendall, who reported at the regular council meeting on Monday, May 8, operator Sandy McIntire did respond to a couple of the nuisance concerns from the April 10 meeting including putting plates on the camper vehicle parked on the property. She also cleaned up the front a little bit according to Kendall but the overall nuisance still remains in Kendall's opinion.

New concerns were also raised on May 8 including bags of mulch placed in the front, blue water tanks on the side of the building, palettes and more. Also the grass needs mowed per city code according to Joe Boll. City attorney Mike Marquess informed the council that there are two routes that could be taken to abate the nuisance. The city could file a civil citation or the city could abate the nuisance themselves. Any civil citation penalties would be assessed to the building owner. Shoestring Jungle is currently operating out of the building which is owned by Joe Boll.

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Toledo City council and officials.
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City attorney Mike Marquess recommended that a written list be provided for the Public Works Department Items authorized by the council on Monday include removing the fence, barrels, palettes and bags of mulch from the property. The items will be stored for 30 days by the city. The city will also mow the property.

Councilman Travis Mullen motioned to proceed with abatement by city, Steve Vesely seconded the motion and the council voted 5-0 to move forward with abating the nuisance. McIntire was not present for the meeting. However according to City Clerk Kim McAdoo she had been notified by a letter sent from the city in April. McIntire did abate the nuisance at her other property at 134 E High Street in Toledo.

The issue of the nuisance was first heard at the April 10 meeting. Sandra McIntire was present for a public hearing regarding a nuisance abatement at 205 W. Business Hwy 30. The city of Toledo had received some complaints from citizens regarding the state of the property. McIntire felt that some of the items that the city deemed as a nuisance abatement were nit picky.

McIntire received a notice to abate from Chief Kendall that stated she was in violation of Toledo City Code Chapter 51.01 (1)(2) and Chapter 105.10.

Some items in question included an unlicensed Ford Motor Home. According to Police Chief Bob Kendall that is against State law. McIntire said she would get plates on the vehicle. She had intended to use the vehicle as a food truck. The next notice item in the notice was "junk / rubbish on the east side of the building." There is also a bicycle in the front of the building and she plans to put flowers around the bicycle.

McIntire is willing to work with the council but not if it's going to be a fight. "If it's going to be a nit picky fight I'm cool with taking my toys and going home," said McIntire.

McIntire would like to build a privacy fence to hide some of the items. There was also discussion about the fence code that she had built previously that had been approved by the council. The council decided to review in 30 days as to how things have been remedied. McIntire had other questions regarding garlic that had been mowed over at a previous time at a different property.

Council member Boll removed himself from discussion because McIntire is purchasing the building on Highway 30 from BollLawn and weeds ordinance

The council along with city attorney Marquess are working on a new ordinance to discourage habitual offenders who do not keep their yards mowed. Police Chief Bob Kendall has had to issue citations to the same people numerous times over the past couple of years. Kendall would like to see the ordinance changed to include a possible change in fees for violations. No action taken as Marquess is going to revise the city's lawns and weeds ordinance.

Alley purchase request 505 S. church Street

Allan Alexander presented concerns about people driving through the alley. He would like to purchase the alley.

Mike Marquess recommended to vacant the entire alley and that would solve the concern of people driving through the alley.

Terry Goodhart motioned to set a public hearing at the May 22 council meeting to vacant the alley. The motion passed unanimously.

Reinig manager/janitorial contract review

A new yearly contract was unanimously approved by the council with only two changes made. Those two changes included the language of the previous contract in regard to cleaning hours. The managers shall try to not clean city offices during business hours.

The only other change was in the language regarding the dishwasher. The dishwasher requires special detergent. The contract takes effect July 1.

Reinig use fee waiver

The council voted unanimously to waive the rental fee for Child Abuse Prevention Services

program for child abuse prevention. The council did discuss setting a policy for waiving rental fees. No decisions were made however.

Old Business


Public Works

Public Works Director Kendall Jordan informed the council that the pool in nearly ready. They intend to start filling it Saturday or Sunday. The department cleaned ditch by the new shop. They have also been doing lots of mowing. The department will also be doing some street patching in next few weeks. Kendall is working on getting some numbers for the generator at Reinig Center. Lasley Kendall informed the council that he is working with Tama's Public Works director John Lloyd on interconnecting cities water supplies in case of emergency. This is preliminary right now but the two departments are working towards this.

Toledo Police Department

Chief Bob Kendall informed the council of Pizza with police set for May 18 from 5-7 p.m. The public is welcome at the civic center in Tama.

Kendall sent out over 20 applications and has received 6 applications back. According to Kendall some look very promising but they aren't certified.

City Attorney

Mike Marquess informed the council of a trial set for Wednesday, May 10 over dog bite case. Removal of dog from city will be requested.

Council member reports

Travis Mullen updated the council on the downtown steering committee. The committee will meet on May 17 @ 6:30 at the Community Bank Room for anyone who would like to come. A the meeting they will be identifying unoccupied buildings downtown and will also discuss two murals by Iowa artists.

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