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Questions Toledo city government

May 24, 2017
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor, Mayor and Council of Toledo:

Yes, it is us again. We are confused and have no idea who to believe, since we have had so many conflicting accounts of what is happening with recent city affairs.

We have received countless phone calls, stopped on the street, in businesses and in front of our home by a councilman even with input about what people are feeling. I was told by that councilman he and another councilman will definitely reinstate the cleanup. And he seemed to feel senior citizens do matter in this town. He also said the Community Building will NOT be torn down! But then we are told by someone who attended the meeting the building was sold to the theater for $1.00 and a grant will pay to tear it down.

If this is a done deal, then UNDO it and figure out what the people of Toledo want, which is stop spending money on unnecessary things and get back to basics. Murals for downtown are not a needed expense to beautify downtown! We seniors on a fixed income have a need to have each person beautify their own property, stop building new and keep what we have clean and well repaired.

Another theater person told me the building is in such bad shape the city can't afford to repair it, but also said the theater wants it for an addition for their needs. How can they say it is in horrible shape and then want it for their needs? And why has it been allowed to get to this state of repair?

And what is the truth? Is it or is it not going to be torn down? Stop telling us what you think we want to hear and tell us the truth. Those of you who are concerned, tell the people in charge, the ones responsible for the turmoil caused by going off half-cocked and not thinking about the people they represent who elected them.

We who are the backbone of this town are senior citizens who we are told not wanted at the Reinig Center because we are messy and smell! Rather should be respected and given a voice in the matters of our town. We are 2 people alone trying to wake people up to make a stand. How can we get together and make a difference instead of just talking about it?

Larry and Eve





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