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Toledo City Council looks to cost savings in Community Bldg. - Reinig Center plan

June 14, 2017
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Editor's Note: The Toledo City Council presentend the following explanation earlier this year for the plan to close the Toledo Community Building and relocate the city clerk's office to the Reinig-Toledo Civic Center. It was accompanied by revenue and expense reports for both buildings. Some opposition to the shutdown of the Community?Building with it's effect on the Senior Citizens Center (Toledo Healthy Lifestyles Center) has developed.

To the Toledo Community:

The City of Toledo has for many years functioned perfectly well out of the Community Building. The ONLY reason that this is being brought up to be considered by the Council is due to the increasing costs of each facility to the City and the costs savings it presents by combining into one building.

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Toledo Community Building
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Here are the specifics which the Council feels are important factors:


Currently the Reinig Center houses offices for Tama County Economic Development with an understanding that they answer phones and handle part of the booking of the facility as a "IN KIND" payment for the office space. The City of Toledo is also charged dues per capita by Tama County Economic Development each year which have been $3,511.50 annually until last year they increased to $4,682.00.

The City of Toledo also contracts a janitor who has evolved more into a manager of the facility as well, and they also book events and other duties which duplicate some of the "in kind" services provided by Tama County Economic Development.

The Reinig land farm rent is used to subsidize the costs of keeping this building open.



This building currently houses the following: (Written prior to the relocation of the Chamber Office and the retirement of Pam Wood, owner of Pam's School of Dance.)

Tama/Toledo Chamber office as an "IN KIND" courtesy from the City of Toledo, and then the City of Tama provides monetary support to the Chamber. No contract.

Pam's School of Dance: rental contract (1998) for the dance space upstairs paid monthly during the month's classes are held at $400 per month.

Tama County Council on Aging: rental contract (1998) for space utilizing approximately 1,800 square feet of space with a kitchen for $150 per month.

City of Toledo Clerk's office is housed on the bottom floor and has a storage room upstairs.

Currently if the Wieting Theater continues with Phase 2 of their plans and builds an addition to the east, it will take handicap parking space away that is currently utilized by the Senior Center during the day. If that happens, it has been requested that the Council find alternative handicap parking for the Senior center by the Tama County Council on Aging. Estimated cost to add additional parking in the rear of the Community building at $27,245 and a handicap ramp in the front of the building from the street is approximately $6,000. Totaling approximately $33,245 to add additional handicap parking and access.

It was also discovered that there is a leak in the foundation to the Community Building and water "runs" into the kitchen when it rains heavily. We have been told that this has been there for 25 years, but should be repaired with an estimated cost of $6,860. The kitchen entrance on the south side was found to also have broken trusses on the roof which need to be repaired at an estimated cost of $5,656.

The following pages give you a breakdown of the actual revenues and expenses associated with each building. These are mainly the "day to day" running of each building costs and does not include any major repairs. The Community Building loses over $20,000 each year, and generally the Reinig Center has been self-sufficient, but the costs to maintain this building is also increasing.

It would initially cost the City about $15,000 to modify the Reinig to accommodate the Clerk's office.

The Council is looking at combining these two buildings down to one to try to cut costs.



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