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Toledo Farmers Market

June 22, 2017
By Dawn Troutner - Toledo Market Master , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Market Report for June 16, 2017

It was another fine night for the Toledo Farmers' Market.

Will and Thea with Aromathea Candles had plenty of scents for your senses to delight in.This week Thea brought wedding cupcake soap with a glass slipper on it. It smelled awesome. Kristi had a table full of Czech bakeries, along with crisps, bars, cookies, breads, pies, and coffee cakes. Devin had her delicious cupcakes, the flavor this week was chocolate peanut butter cup, and strawberry. Vernon and Wilma had plenty of brown eggs for everyone to purchase.

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Dawn Troutner
Toledo Market Master

Caryn was back with her bags of caramel corn, snack mixes, jams, and jellies. Welcome back Caryn.

Jim and Penny with Busy Bee Acres were at market with plenty of honey in all shapes and sizes, lip balm, lotion bars. This week the new item was Plantain Salve Natural Itch Relief, and Repel, Natural Insect Repellant. Darold had beautiful golden beets, red beets, and green onions. Chuck and Ginger brought plenty of popcorn, pies, breads, eggs, angel food cakes, spinach, green onions, kohlrabi, and radishes. Dawn had jams, jellies, dried herbs, fresh herbs, turnips, purple and white mulberries, green onions, houseplants, large and small, glass art, and catnip. She also had the pleasure of visitors, her grandbabies, and a shopping we went. We purchased Janet's cookies, Kathy's cupcakes, and Busy Bee Acres insect repellant.

Janice had muffins, mini pies, turnovers, and breads. Janet had eggs, cookies, breads, and rolls. Jim was under the pine tree with his hand made leather items. Joe and Barb had spinach, green onions, broccoli, radishes, beets, cabbage, yummy homemade breads, small pies, and cute labels on them. Kathy had snack mixes, danish, kolaches, nut coils, muffins, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, cookies, and breads. William and Gail from the Bunny Farm had lettuce, onions, kale, Swiss chard, pollinator plants for the bees, and peach trees. Gail has a wealth of information if you need to know anything about plants.

There you have the line up for the Toledo Farmers' Market on this 16th day of June.

A Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there. I hope you enjoyed your day. And I hope you received some goodies from the Toledo Farmers' Market.

The 4th of July will soon be upon us, where has the time gone? I finished planting tomatoes finally. We put up the panels for the pole beans and the fence around the cabbage and broccoli to keep our ducks and geese out of them. They can chew a plant down in no time.

Also it is to keep those pesky chickens that some how get out and enjoy a bite out of each head of cabbage. Gotta love the farm life, I wouldn't trade it for anything. The heat had left for awhile and the windows are open to enjoy the breeze and the sounds of nature outside. Outside the window of my office is a lilac bush with a nest of birds. The chirping of the little ones waiting for their supper is a pleasant sound. Then there is the sound of the roosters competing for the loudest crow. I have to laugh though, they are young roosters so you get the one that just can't crow right yet.

One needs to sit back and reflect at the end of the day. Life is good, make it good, and enjoy it my friends.

See you at market.



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