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The Dog Days of Summer

The Way I See it

July 16, 2017
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Tradition, old wife's tales or something along these lines tell us that from about the middle of July till the end of August is something called the "dog days of summer." It's hot, humid, sticky hot, sticky humid and just downright nasty hot and humid. Perhaps we call it the dog days because of the way dogs pant with their tongues hanging out during these hot times. But NO, that is not the reason. Here, my friends of the columns in "the rest of the story." Haruumph!!

It seems that many many years ago, long before smog and the artificial lights of the city, that our night time sky was actually quite clear to see year around. And people and cultures world-wide saw the stars nightly and began to see certain, I guess, designs amongst the stars. Sorta like what we do when we picture clouds as various objects. Which is why, we have various constellations such as the image of a bear, (Ursa Major & Minor), twins, (Gemini), the Bull, (Taurus) and so forth. Still with me????

Well one of the brightest if not the brightest star in the night time sky is Sirius, (The Big Dog). It's so big and bright in the night time sky that many cultures centuries dubbed the Big Dog, the little sun. Now during the summer, Sirius, (the dog star) actually worked in sync with the sun. In other words, the big dog would rise and set somewhat with the rising and setting of the sun, but in July and August, Sirius would just about be in perfect sequence with the sun, which led many cultures and people to believe that during that time of the year, we had two suns-the big sun and then Sirius, the little sun.

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John Sheda

And, of course we all know that with two suns, there just has to be more heat that emanates from the sky and since Sirius was dubbed the Big Dog.....well, do I need to explain further-THE DOG DAYS OF SUMMER????

But I got to thinking that dog days aren't all that bad. Think along with me the life of the dog....

Always happy to see their loved ones come home.

Never pass up a time to go for a joyride.

Dogs think the experience of fresh air and the wind blowing in your face is pure Heaven.

They take their share of naps.

They stretch before rising and after the naps.

They just love attention and never hold grudges.

Avoid biting when a simple growl will suffice.

On warm days, dogs will just lie on their backs in the grass.

You can tell when they're happy 'cuz they dance around and wag their entire body.

They just love going on a simple walk.

Never pretend to be something they're not.

Yea, the dog days of summer aren't all that bad. Keep cool my friends. or call me sometime at 319.327.4640.



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