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Toledo Farmers Market

July 22, 2017
By Dawn Troutner - Toledo Market Master , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Market Report for July 14, 2017

Friday's amaze me, there is always plenty of produce to be picked and sold. The vendors are happy to be there and the customers are waiting for the whistle to blow. Thanks to all for coming out and making the Toledo Farmers' Market what it is today, very successful.

Kristi had her table full of Czech bakeries, along with bars, pies, cookies and pies. She also had some cute little helpers that were busy farming their corner of the market. Devin had delicious vanilla cupcakes. Cindy brought kohlrabi, broccoli, and taters. The sweet corn should be ready by the middle of the week. Watch for her at her corner of the Big T parking lot. She should also have sweet corn at the market next Friday.

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Dawn Troutner
Toledo Market Master

Caryn brought caramel corn assortments, jams, jellies and her assortment of snack mixes. Caryn also has a new cotton candy machine that she will be bringing on Friday. Let's hope the humidity isn't nasty. Darold had another colorful table with onions, okra, kohlrabi, taters, zucchini, green beans, red and yellow beets, cabbage, and beautiful sunflowers.

Shirley and Michael had their Czech bakeries along with noodles. Busy Bee Acres had plenty of lip balm, lotion bars, repellent blocks, plantain salve, by the way which really works well, and an assortment of honey. Chuck and Ginger brought plenty of bakeries, eggs, zucchini, lettuce, leeks, taters, popcorn, broccoli, kohlrabi, small cabbage, and cabbage. Dawn was there with jams, jellies, dried beans, rhubarb, dried and fresh herbs, taters, onions, houseplants, mulberries, and glass art.

Janice brought Tom to experience the market. She also had honey, green beans, and assortment of muffins, zucchini, cucumbers, summer squash, and loaves of bread. Janet brought cookies, rolls, and breads. It was Joe's birthday, him and Barb brought breads, granola, pies, breads, green beans, cabbage, beets, leeks, zucchini, onions, and cucumbers. Hope your special day was Grand. Pam had her table full of her hand made craft items, baby burp cloths, jar grip's, magnets, and bird houses to name a few. Karen had a nice smelling table with plenty of scents from her soy candles, melts, odor eliminating spray, and corn cob sachets.

Kathy had a table full of Danish, twisted loaf, snack mixes, bars, rolls, breads, and kolaches. And on the north end holding up the market Gail and Bill from the Bunny Farm brought beautiful kales, cabbage, swiss chard, onions, cucumbers, taters, summer squash, 7 grain breads, and muffins, berry cupcakes, and a buckwheat pancake mix.

As you can see there was plenty to purchase at the Toledo Farmers' Market. Next week should bring plenty of green beans, cucumbers, and sweet corn.

Japaneese Beetles Return

As many of you have had the pleasure of seeing and dealing with the Japanese beetles are back.


I have been picking and putting them in a bucket of soapy water. To bad they aren't worth their weight in gold. Those Japanese beetles appear in late June and are active until September. Then they lay their eggs in the soil amid the roots of grasses and hatching takes place in about two weeks.

The young larvae feed on the grass roots until cold weather arrives, then burrow deeper into the ground and wait out the winter.

In early spring the larvae move up near the soil surface and feed on the plant roots. Their life cycle requires two years to complete.

I read that studies have shown that lawn aerator sandals are equal to or more effective than some insecticides for managing Japanese beetle grubs. Researchers reported killing 56 percent of the grubs by walking over infested plots of lawn 3 to 5 times.

That would be cheaper than purchasing a lot of insecticides or pesticides and safer.

Well what ever you do with your Japanese beetle control good luck. See you at market.



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