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Calls for more support for Lincoln Highway Bridge restoration

September 29, 2017
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

"It Certainly Won't Help It"

If you are a competitive debater, you need to research and get your facts straight. Here are some facts concerning the fate of the Lincoln Bridge.

1. The above quote was from the engineer that the city hired in connection with the 5th Street project. She was referring to running semi traffic over the bridge after doing only "cosmetic" repairs, which is the current city officials' plan.

2. Brennan Dolan, Department of Transportation whose expertise is bridges, said that fixing a bridge similar to the Lincoln Bridge usually runs anywhere from $600,000 to $700,000.

3. The necessary repairs to the Lincoln Bridge will cost $180,000.

4. Over 400 people signed a petition to express their concern that the bridge is preserved, many of whom did not want 5th street to be open to truck traff ic at all.

5. The city has over $30,000 in grants. The city officials want to pay for the necessary repair of the bridge by grants only and propose to wait until they have enough grant money to do the vital repairs, so they have decided to do only cosmetic repairs and open the street and the bridge to semi traffic as soon as the paving project is done. "it certainly won't help it."

6. The city has $1,400,000 in reserve.

7. The bridge was built over 100 years ago by the people who founded Tama and who used their own money to construct it because they wanted to give our city something that would make it unique and impressive.

8. Their investment in the bridge was very smart. It has paid off for over a century as those living close to the bridge see tourists visit it regularly. It will continue to pay off when the east end of Tama become a historic district if it can survive.

9. To open this national treasure to semi traff ic before it can handle the weight is a sad testament that our city officials cannot recognize the smart investment that our founding fathers were visionary enough to see.

10. Finally, our bridge is over 100 years old and on the National Register. It has stood by our town faithfully. Are we as faithful to it as it has been to us?

Contact your mayor and council and/or attend the council meeting. It is our bridge and we need to protect it.

Anne Michael




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