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Toledo Famers Market

October 6, 2017
By Dawn Troutner - Toledo Market Master , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Market Report for September 29, 2017

This was the last market for the month of September, which means we have one month of the Toledo Farmers' Market left this season. There is still plenty of produce and bakery to be purchased before the market season is over.

Kristi had plenty of her Czech bakeries along with pumpkins, peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

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Dawn Troutner
Toledo Market Master

Caryn had her assortment of snack mixes, caramel corn, and jams.

This was Darold last market for the season; he brought onions, leeks, peppers, egg plant, tomatoes, and potatoes. Have a good winter my friend and see you in the spring.

Shirley and Michael baked kolaches, rolicky, buchty, and made noodles.

Busy Bee Acres had many sizes of honey, chunk honey, comb honey, solid lotion bars, lop balm, and hand lotion.

Chuck and Ginger brought pies, kolaches, cucumbers, onions, peppers, pumpkins, okra, popcorn, honey, little cabbages, tomatoes, winter squash, potatoes, gourds, and ghostly gourds.

Dawn had plenty of tomatoes, jams, dried herbs, fresh herbs, potatoes, house plants, Indian corn and dried bean soup mix.

Lois and Brenda had tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, egg plant, and peppers. Ethan had his Cub Scout popcorn for sale.

Jim had his table full of his hand made leather items.

Joe and Barb brought cinnamon rolls, breads, crisp, granola, jams, tomatoes, carrots, brussel sprouts, peppers, potatoes, onions, and Indian corn.

Pam pulled up as market was about to start. She brought her hand made craft items. Cute snowmen, snowflake ornaments, burp cloths, bowl cups, and scrubbies.

Karen had her soy candles, melts, and corn cob sachets.

Gail and William from the Bunny Farm brought apples, beets, potatoes, kale, tomatoes, dried peppers, winter squash, cookies, muffins, dried apples, carrots, and winter squash.

Still have a month left to come on out and make your market purchases. See you at market.

Busy Bee Acres had chunk honey and comb honey, ever wonder how that beeswax is made. I have, its so amazing to think those little busy bees makes honey and wax.

A young worker honeybee eats lots of honey or nectar and later emits a drop of wax via one of eight glands on its underside. The wax hardens into a flake, which the bee then puts in its mandibles to chew and mix with secretions until it's workable. The beeswax is then used to build or repair honeycomb. About six to ten pounds of honey are needed for a colony to produce a pound of wax.

Interesting isn't it? Those busy little bees.

Time to start clearing the garden and getting it ready to sleep for the winter. It's so hard to pull out those last plants of the season. But it is time to get the garlic planted. So enjoy the last few warm days we will be having by working outside and clearing off the garden.

Enjoy a little of Mother Nature before Old Man Winter starts to show his face.



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