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Say consider outreach for trouble Chicago youth at Iowa Juvenile Home in Toledo

October 17, 2017
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

Joseph Schillinger was a music theorist who helped Glenn Miller write his most famous song Moonlight Serenade. He maintained that the most cutting edge music at the time, 1940-ish, was undoubtedly the african american music related to jazz. Interesting too, he thought that different forms of art inspired other forms of art. For example a cathedral could inspire a song and so on. He said it was lijke comparing someone versed in building a canoe in comparison to one versed in building a skyscraper. Without the mathematical skills a sky scraper would be impossible. To reach the higher eschalon of music he maintained a understanding of the scientific background of music was necessary. This anticipated the emergence of Rock and Roll

Likewise Count Alfred Von Schlieffen is the one who anticipated the pivot of German troops through the low countries in World War Two., with his idea of pivot around the allied armies.

So where is the pivot point with regard to the Iowa Juvenal Home Re-use? Its without a doubt the record 700 or more murders is where a pivot point exist. How so? If you give either animal or man time to consider its options, that species will undoubtedly consider a law abiding productive path of citizenship /survival. What the possible youth of Chicago need is a time out from the environment, and this time out from the Chicago environs is just what Chicago needs from its at risk youth.

Chicago's Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson is working with several programs to lessen this crime rate yet this idea of a time out, say summer school at the Iowa Juvenal Home has not been tried, further more the existing programs have not worked; which I maintain is because they have not used the "time out principle." Regardless of the bad economic state of Illinois, companies such as Caterpillar and U.S. Cellular, located in Chicago not only need a technical workforce but a safer environment for the workers they have located in Chicago. In other words, deep pockets abound for the right idea.

The STEM program could be instrumental if they had an extensional outreach for Chicago's most troubled kids. As in the 80's the status symbol for kids was a new pair of Nikes, now the status symbol would no doubt be a thin screen laptop. Why not give them such an status symbol free of charge if they attend this summer school. This not only give a Math, Science and Engineering boost to the disadvantage kids in Chicago, but sweetens the pot with a new fangled lap-top.

It's way cheaper than incarceration for Chicago and its a clever way to make use of an otherwise wasted intellect of the kids.

When Toledo's Mayor Svoboda says no viable idea's exist and any possibilities are years away. Like Patton's most shining moment, everyone had given up relieving the surrounded army at the Battle of the Bulge, with 200, 000 men and 200 tanks Patton turned 90 degree's after fighting a major battle to save that army. Mayor Svoboda, like Patton, needs to have an aggressive spirit and not worry about his flanks or running out of equipment.

John Anderson




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