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Fifties and Sixties Fads...

October 29, 2017
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

The other day my grand-daughter showed me what costume she was wearing for Halloween this year. To my surprise and shock, she came out of the bathroom with a pink sweater, bobby sox and a "poodle skirt." She said, "I'm going as a "50's gal." And, for the record, she looked, well, groovy!! Then she started dancing to the tunes of "yesteryear," the good old days--the sixties!!! Or even earlier than that. Well this got me to thinking about those good old days and all the fads and gimmicks that made that era so much fun.

Here's some I came up with. Maybe you can think of other things from the fifties and sixties...

Remember those Chef Boy-Ar-Dee pizza dinners. Loved making them.

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John Sheda

How about hot pants and mini skirts?????? Getting' a little warm in here!!!!!!

Remember fall-out shelters, black lights and those crazy lava lamps???

* Did any of you get an "Ant Farm" for Christmas? How fun was that?????

How about the scary and eerie Ouija Board?? Did that triangle thingy really move on its' own????

Mood rings; Let the ring tell you what your mood is. Mine always showed confused.

The dance of the sixties was the Twist. I think.

* And us tough kids from Chelsea smoked those bubble gum cigars and those candy cigarettes.

And loved when mom made that Jiffy Pop Corn on the stove. Watching it rise in that aluminum foil pan was great.

We were all hula hoops experts and loved that old metal football game that worked on vibration-I guess!!

Did you sixties girls really iron your hair??? Really??

Did us guys really wear leisure suits? Really???

And did anybody participate in Chinese Fire Drills??

And all the guys had their letter jackets--except me of course. Mine was a question mark!!

Did you have a banana seat on your bicycle? We were cool or maybe even neat-o.

I never was cool enough but some of the older boys had those fuzzy dice hanging from their rear-view mirror. That was cool!!

And the era of the sixties and fifties goes on and on. Happy Days, flower power, love beads, PBR, penny baseball cards, Sonny & Cher, Donny & Marie, go go boots, those balsa wood airplanes, troll dolls and the entire hippie experience.

And of course the Beatles!!!

And so much more.

What do you remember way back then? Do you even remember way back when? Share with us at or call me at 319.327.4640. Love to hear from you.



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