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Catching up with STC alumni

Part Two

November 3, 2017
By Allison Graham and Darvin Graham - Sports Editor ( , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Sports Editor's Note: This fall Allison Graham of the Toledo Chronicle and Darvin Graham of Trojan Country Radio ( caught up with four STC alumns: Bubba Rutledge, Jerry Lowe, Mitch Thede and Ian Slagle. Rutledge, Lowe and Slagle are on the Grand View University football roster this year, while Thede played his freshman year for Simpson College. All four are former members of the South Tama County football team.

Continued from the Toledo Chronicle (Nov. 1)

Jerry: Yeah, that's right. He's always good. It's funny sometimes, when I invite him to my room, if he want to eat some African food and I have all my roommate there and I'm the only African kid there and everybody be staring at us like "Gee, what the heck are they eating?" I just always laugh. I think it's funny. I only tell them, that was my secret. I eat African food. That's why I keep getting away by it. But, sometimes, I try to convince them to try it. Some of them try it, some of them like it. Some of them don't like it since they are not used to it, but yeah, it's a great feeling to have somebody from Africa over here.

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Jerry Lowe, Ian Slagle and Bubba Rutledge

He's a good kid and he's good to be around with.

Allison: So Jerry, just one more question just for you. During the Vikings matchup with Baker, I believe you guys fell short in that game, but you scored a touchdown, so can you talk me through that and what that felt like?

Jerry: Yeah, I mean, I was pretty excited. Baker was the number two team in the nation and in NIA, and so it always feels good to score a touchdown against a pretty good team. And the touchdown score was to tie the game right, in the fourth quarter and so getting that touchdown was a good feeling because during the games, I try pretty hard to score some touchdown, but I was stopped a lot of times, but I just keep battering and thanks to the O-line, they block good. And there was a big hole so I just hit it and it was a good feeling to come to the sideline and everybody was happy and patting you on your head, on your butt and all that stuff.

Bubba: And being Jerry's fullback in high school and never really getting to see Jerry run, it's actually pretty fun watching Jerry score touchdowns on the sideline. I mean, it's a great time. If you guys haven't seen Jerry ... Well, I guess you all have, but you got to check out a game. It's a good time.

Darvin: And I'll kind of open the next question back up to everybody else. What is the day in the life of a college football player like for you guys?

Jerry: It's pretty different compared to a high school. In college, you pretty much have time for everything and you don't waste time. It's like in college, for Grand View, on Mondays, it's a free days so we have time to do our homework and rehab and get back in shape to start practice the next day. Because there's usually a games on Saturday and then JV games on Sundays so they want everybody to rest between. Then, after you take Monday off, pretty much the rest of the week, is a busy week because you have classes after classes.

You have meetings or lifting and then after that, you might have individual meetings with your individual coaches. Then after that, you probably have only like an hour in between to eat dinner, then go to practice. Yeah, it's way different from high school and you really got to manage your time in a good way. If not, you fall behind.

Ian: Like Jerry was saying, we have to be very good at time management. Because you wake you, you either have lifting or you go to class and then once you're done with that, you have either two or three meetings in the afternoon, you have dinner, and then you go to practice. Then, if you don't have homework done, you need to do that after practice, otherwise like you said, you're going to fall behind in school and it's just going to keep getting harder for you to get back on track.

Mitch: Yeah, when I played, time management was a big thing. We had lifting at 6 am Monday, Wednesday, Friday. And after that, if you had an 8 am, you'd go straight to class. Then, you had a little off time before meetings started and then right after meetings were done, we would have practice. And then after practice, was homework time if you didn't already have that done.

Bubba: Yeah, I agree with all these guys. Time management is definitely the biggest key, but I'd say one of our biggest days is probably Wednesday. Because we only lift twice a week, Wednesdays and Sundays. So, Wednesdays are pretty big days. Wake up, lift, go to class, I mean, and then football. That's all we do. Even we got games Saturday. Sunday, we got three hours of meetings and lifting, so eat, sleep, football.

Allison: What is your best memory from being at South Tama?

Bubba: I think my best memory at South Tama is probably just winning. We just ... My senior year when we made the big run at the playoffs and just after the games, seeing the smile on everybody's faces and going back to the locker room and everybody is so happy and just celebrating. Coming back to school, it was the best part about high school football is definitely winning.

Not to say that we're not winning here at Grand View, but just the community was more into it and whatnot.

Mitch: I agree with Bubba. I'd say winning was pretty big. When the community got involved in it, everyone was asking you about the game and about the next team that you play and the defense shutting them out all the time. It was fun and then you play with all your friends, so it's even better.

Bubba: Number one defense ever.

Mitch: Yeah, number one defense.

Ian: Well, I didn't get to play with these guys that are sitting there. My favorite memory when I was in high school was just making those relationships with everybody in my grade that I played with, people I played against. I'm still friends with those guys today and yeah, just making friends really.

Jerry: My best memory is always competing with some of the football players in the weight room, because when I was in high school, everybody tried to beat me all the time in lift weights. I switched out a barbell, but that really pushed me pretty hard and make me work harder and make me to be where I am today, so that is pretty much my favorite memory from high school.

Bubba: Also, my second favorite memory from high school is singing after the games. That was a great time. I miss that.

Jerry: Yeah, and one of my favorite one I didn't mention was my freshman year, when I scored my first touchdown.

Bubba: My and then my third one is the first time Jerry ever came to practice in freshman year. And Mr. Van Dyke lined us up in the Oklahoma drill and we kept going at it and he made us do it 10 times until we stopped each other because we just kept colliding in the middle and nothing would happen, until Jerry picked me up and threw me down. That was when it was over.

See more in next week's Toledo Chronicle on Wednesday.



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