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October South Tama Middle School Students of the Month

December 5, 2017
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Biographies by: Yoselin Garcia, Gavin Bridgewater, Miguel Medina, Mason Collison, Mary Kate Frakes, Kayla Bartling, Joey Hackenmiller, and Daena Gunderson

Hannah Houghton (5th)

Congratulations to Hannah Houghton for winning student of the month. Her mom is Susan, her dad is Ron, and her brothers are Jacob, Jonah, and Josiah. Her pets are Batman, Coco and Boris. Her hobbies are volleyball, reading, basketball, and football. She thinks of herself as unique, creative, and sweet. Her advice is to not let people get to you.

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Mariah Gilbert (5th)

Ten year old, 5th grader Mariah Gilbert earned student of the month. She lives with Sara, Orville, Ashley, Jimmy, Adi, Madi, and her three dogs. She likes to do archery and play volleyball. She describes herself as nice, creative, brave, and hopeful. Her three best characteristics are helpful, honesty, and being respectful. Advice she has for her classmates is to never give up.

Sophia Draves (6th)

Congratulations to Sophia Draves for winning student of the month. Sophia's parents are Holly Draves and John Draves. Sophia has two sisters and two cats. Sophia's favorite hobby is drawing. Sophia describes herself as nice, funny, and argumentative. Sophia advises her classmates to be nice to others and don't bully.

Phillip Myli (6th)

Congratulations Phillip Myli for winning Student of the Month. He is 11 years old. His mom is Amanda Myli, his dad is Adam Myli, and his sister is Amber Myli. His hobbies are football and baseball. He describes himself as an outdoor person. He describes himself as being responsible, quiet, and friendly. His advice to his classmates is to be quiet when the teacher is talking and to be responsible.

David Ramirez (7th)

Congratulations to David Ramirez for winning student of the month. This student has shown great behavior and does well in the classroom. David is 13 years old and in 7th grade. His sisters' names are Luisa, Marita, Cecilia, Jizel, and Jazmine. His brother is Pablo. His parents are Maria and Pablo Ramirez. His pet's name is Teico. He enjoys playing four square, writing, and playing soccer. David describes himself as an ok guy. His advice for his classmates is to talk to a teacher if you're think you're getting bullied.

Ditsha Chaudhari (7th)

Congratulations to Ditsha Chaudhari for earning October student of the month. She is 11 and in 7th grade. Her parents names' are Rose and Danny. Ditsha's hobbies are drawing, playing games, and listening to music. She describes herself as shy, silent, and creative. Her best characteristics are that she is nice, caring, and kind. Her advice for classmates is to do your work.

Clayton Graff (8th)

Congratulations to Clayton Graff for winning student of the month. He is 13 years old and in 8th grade. His parents are Steph and Bryan Graff. His siblings are Cael, Amelia, and Adalyn. His hobbies are basketball and cross country. He describes himself as being smart and his three best characteristics are that he is respectful, responsible, and always prepared. His advice for classmates is, "Keep trying hard and you'll get where you want in life."

Gracie Vest (8th)

Congratulations to Gracie Vest for earning student of the month for October. Gracie is 13 years old and in 8th grade. Her parents names' are Chad and Sabrina Vest. Her siblings names' are Payton, Colton, Layla, and Presley. She enjoys doing gymnastics, volleyball, and dancing. Gracie describes herself as athletic and organized. Her characteristics are that she is responsible, respectful, and kind. Her advice to everybody is to stay organized and do all of your homework.



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