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My New Year’s Resolutions

The Way I See it

December 31, 2017
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

I have ten resolutions for 2018.

Some are old, some are used, some are new and some are blue. I guess. And to the best of my ability, I will not be panache, if that's ok with you. I will also not write anything that might border on calumny. So without caterwauling any longer, here is my list of resolutions....

In 2018, I promise to conserve water by taking fewer showers and using more deodorant.

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I will attend Church every Sunday, (well, I am the Pastor).

My sermons in 2018 will neither be of a confabulated but may at times be of a copious nature. Of that I cannot help.

I shall to the best of my ability to live by the Serenity Prayer. After all, there are just some things I cannot change, therefore I shall smile and move on.

I will find a good cause and get more involved and I will be ebullient as I do so.

In 2018, I will surprise Deb with a nice day of a late breakfast or early lunch and then to an afternoon movie and I will make sure our day ends in a Eucatastrophe. Guaranteed!

I vow this year not to be so nebbish but rather will try harder to me more mellifluous.

And to top it off, I look forward to embracing life with full alacrity and not to be so bilious.

I also vow in 2018 not to be at all scrofulous although I might be a tad scurrilous at times.

Well there you have it. My ten resolutions for 2018. What? There's only nine listed?? Hmmmm, how ignominious of me. This is very jejune of me.

And for this grievous mistake I am sincerely lachrymose. So That's The Way I See It.

Let me know how you see things at or call me at 319.327.4640.

Yes, I know this article was quite meretricious but "hey, that's me."



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