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South Tama Middle School's December Students of the Month named

February 5, 2018
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Biographies by: Peyton Van De Walle, Drayton White, Dominick Ochoa, Michael Wall, Kaden Timm, Keidyn Sokol, Rilea Schmidt, Alex Woosley

Mayla Kiebach (5th)

Congratulations to Mayla Kiebach for earning Student of the Month. Mayla is 9 years old and describes herself as helpful, shy, and kind. She has two parents, four siblings, and four pets. She loves art, dance, and archery. Her best characteristics are being helpful, kind, and a leader. Her advice for her classmates is to come on time so you don't get a tardy or detention and do your homework on time.

Article Photos

Top L to R: Mayla Kiebach (5th), Olivia Stull (8th), Brooklyn Hitchcock (5th), Kailiee Keen (6th), Elysio Alvarado (7th), Luis Avalos (8th), Jacob Youngbear (6th) Bottom: Mariah Spinler (7th)
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Brooklyn Hitchcock (5th)

Congratulations to Brooklyn Hitchcock on earning Student of the Month for December! She is 10 years old and in 5th grade. Her parents are Nicole and Cheyenne. She has four siblings and one pet. Her hobbies are volleyball and basketball. Her three best characteristics are that she is happy, nice, and good sport. The advice she has for her classmates is to listen to the teacher.

Kailiee Keen (6th)

Congratulations to Kailiee Keen on earning Student of the Month for December. Kailiee's dad is John and step-mom is Heather. Her mom is Cassi and step-dad is Justin. She has several siblings. Her step-sisters are Kara and Payton. Her sisters are Elena, Kendel, Kenslylee, and Emberlyee. Her brother is Jaekon. She has a dog named Stefan and a cat named Tez. She thinks of herself as weird, caring, and original. Her message is to do your best and never give up.

Jacob Youngbear (6th)

Congratulations Jacob Youngbear for earning Student of the Month. His mom's name is Lesley, his dad's name is Josh, his brother is Kyle, and his sister is Kendra. Jacob's hobbies are fishing and archery. He describes himself as cool. Jacob's best three characteristics are weird, funny, and a good fisherman. His advice for his classmates is to go fishing.

Mariah Spinler (7th)

Congratulations to Mariah Spinler for being student of the month. She is 12 and in 7th grade. Family members are Helen, Kyle, Grace, Kyra, and Chelsea. Mariah's pets are Simba, Missy, Snowy, Leo, and Chucky. Mariah's hobbies are volleyball, band, choir, and art. Mariah describes herself as nice. Mariah's three best characteristics are that she is nice, humorous, and athletic. Mariah's advices for her classmates are to get good grades, be respectful, do not bully people.

Elysio Alvarado (7th)

Congratulations to Elysio Alvarado. He is 12 and is in 7th grade. His mom is Tatum, his dad is Duke, and his sister is Valencia. He really likes to read. His three best characteristics are that he is nice and he's quiet. His advice for classmates is to work hard and study.

Luis Avalos (8th)

Congratulations to Luis Avalos for earning Student of the Month. Luis is 14 and is in 8th grade. His dad is Luis, his mother is Gloria, his brother is Christian, and his two sisters are Valerie and Natalie. Luis's hobbies are running soccer and he plays three instruments. Luis has described himself as respectful, prepared, and responsible. His three best characteristic are that he is creative, smart, and a good friend. His advice for classmates is to get work in on time.

Olivia Stull (8th)

Congratulations to Olivia Stull earning Student of the Month. Olivia is 13 years old and in 8th grade. She has 4 siblings along with her mom and dad. Olivia likes to read. She describes herself as caring, kind, forgiving, and is good at standing up for people and herself. Advice for classmates is to get work done on time because as you get older your school work gets harder.



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