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What Did We Do Way Back Then???

The Way I See it

February 18, 2018
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Cable TV with hundreds of channels, the Internet, Facebook, Cell Phones and all the other electronic and technological gadgets and advancements we have today has made our lives so much more fun, exciting and entertaining than those old days way back in the fifties and sixties. Or has it? What in the world did we do for fun back then? No video games to entertain us! Only three television stations with cartoons only on Saturdays. No Skyping, facetiming or texting. Boy, did we have boring lives or what?

Last week on Facebook, I asked the question "What did we do or have way back then that kids today have no clue about today?" Here are just some of your answers....

Sean and others mentioned those old rotary phones and also the party lines...."two longs and a short."

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Mark remembers going to the dime store and buying a bag of heated cashews and glass of real cherry coke for twenty cents.

Joy remembers and loving those old 8-Track players in all the cars.

Bob mentioned those old manual typewriters, white out for the mistakes and erasers that tore a hole in the paper.

He also fondly remembers going on vacations and sleeping in the back end of the station wagon.

Tom and his friends loved riding here and there and everywhere in the back of the truck.

Rita loved her portable record player and playing her favorite Beatles 45 record.

Howard loved sitting at the dinner table for supper as a family. And saying grace. And eating everything your plate.

Several of us loved playing in the local creek, building forts amongst the trees and camping out. We let our imaginations run wild.

Rhonda loved when the neighbors would get together to help each other out bailing hay and then the kids all jumping in the pond to cool off.

Sherry remembers how her friends and her would lie on the grass and describe what shape the clouds were making.

Artie loved the ten cent real bottles of pop that were ice cold from the machine and a candy bar for a nickel

Billy remembers the one cent baseball cards with a stick of bubble gum in each pack.

Roger remembers putting those same baseball cards using a clothes pin in the spokes of his bike. Sounded like a real motorcycle.

So many mentioned NO CELL PHONES, playing outside all day long and having to come home when the town street lights came on.

People also mentioned that everyone knew everyone and everyone felt safe!!

Becky remembers those great prizes in CrackerJacks, cereals, getting towels in laundry detergents and free cartoon glasses at McDonalds.

Speaking of McDonalds, you could get a hamburger for 15 cents and fries for 10 cents.

Alex fondly remembers the old drive-in theaters. What a blast they were.

Chelsea had the Band Concerts during the summer.

Many of us mentioned playing real games OUTSIDE, such as Tag, Hide-N-Seek, Red Rover, Ghosts & Goblins, etc.

And every boy and girl in town had a bicycle. It was our pride and joy.

Susie remembered that it seemed everyone went to church on Sunday mornings and everyone had those big family Sunday dinners.

Well, what do you remember about growing up back then? Let me know at or call me at 319.327.4640 on my CELL PHONE. Oh by the way, Daryl told me, "John, I remember walking to the store, walking to school, walking to the swimming pool, walking to the movies, get the idea." Yeah, Daryl, I do.



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