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My Country Tis Of Thee...

The Way I See it

February 25, 2018
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

...Sweet Land of Liberty, of thee I sing. What a beautiful patriotic song and we all know that first verse by heart, don't we? But here's the fourth verse:

Our fathers God to Thee,

Author of Liberty,

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John Sheda

To thee we sing,

Long may our land be bright

With Freedoms holy light,

Protect us by thy might

Great God, our King.

"Protect us by thy might; Great God, our King." Heaven forbid that we would ever sing this stanza today. After all, The Constitution of the United States dramatically and unequivocally states that there must always be a "separation of church and state." Of does it? Let's go to the Constitution and see....

The very first Amendment of our Constitution reads this; "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;" No where in the Constitution is there phrase, "separation of church and state" found. Maybe, just maybe, we've taken this separation too far. I think we have.

Violence has reared its' ugly head once again, this time in a Florida classroom. And right along with this despicable crime come the opinions of why this nonsensical violence is so widespread today. Guns probably take the biggest hit in this argument, but there are so many other factors, i.e. video game violence, violence in the movie industry, social media today, soft parental discipline, single-parent families, and the list goes on and on. And to one degree or another, these are all contributing factors. But..................

The underlying factor to this writer is the absolute breakdown of our country's spiritual heritage. Without the spiritual heritage our Founding Fathers built this country on, we no longer have a SET STANDARD to live by. There no longer are any standard rules or ways of living. We do what is right in our own eyes and just let the "chips fall where they may." Psalm 14 starts out, "The fool says in his heart, there is no God..."

Perhaps we as a nation have not actually said there is no God, but we certainly have excluded him from mingling or intervening in our country's affairs. Prayer in school is gone; Abortion is legal, (talk about mass killings), 10 Commandments cannot be posted and so on. We literally have demanded, as a Nation, for God and His blessings to leave. And we all know it, yet we do nothing!

Go yourself and check out the decline of The United States of America in so many ways since the early 60's. Until we return to our Spiritual Heritage, this insane violence will continue, Yet we will continue to say it's all about the guns. We need a spiritual renewal like never before.


How do you see things? Let me know at or call me at 319.327.4640. Love to hear your thoughts.



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