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That small town atmosphere

The Way I See it

March 11, 2018
By John Sheda , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

I know I reminisce often, but the way the world today is and the shape it's in, taking a look back in time takes the edge of a bit, don't you think? By the way, did you notice that last week's Oscars was the lowest rated Oscars ever. Hmmm, wonder why? Maybe people like you and me from "SMALL TOWN, USA" are fed up with those over paid egomaniacs sharing their lame-brain thoughts and opinions. That wasn't too harsh was it? But now that we're talking about growing up in a small town, here are some things I learned and cherish from growing up in Chelsea--definitely a small town!! Chelsea probably is no different than any other small town, so let me know if you learned some of the same things....

Don't do anything you don't want your parents to find out because in Chelsea, Mom & Dad found out just about everything I did.

People for the most part are always ready to chip in and help out. We were all on the same side.

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John Sheda

I found out that I will always miss Chelsea.

Chelsea was super safe for the most part. Everyone kept an eye on things. No doors needed to be locked.

Growing up in the small town gave us so much freedom. Run all over, play with everyone, know everyone, and speak to everyone.

Going to the big town, (Marshaltown on Monday nights), once a month was always a thrill. Stoplights are an amazing thing to a small town kid.

Small town kids are creative. Our imaginations ran wild and in playing games, we made up our own rules.

Family was important and Church was too.

Crime?? Hah!!

Gossip in the small town is the main hobby, but very few people did anything "gossip-worthy," because they knew they would be on the gossip mill the next morning.

Deaths were devastating. Everyone know everyone and when one of ours died, we all hurt just a little bit. We all had a specific memory.

For the most part, people in small towns all got along. No major grudges. Everyone was mostly friends.

Growing up in the small town, we for some reason learned respect. Maybe it was the by-gone era I grew up in, but I respected my elders, my teachers, my parents, etc.

I've noticed that I'm still friends with those I've grown up with. Maybe we don't get together anymore, but we're still friends. Hello to Kenny, Joe, Tom, Mark, Mahlon, Chuckie, Tim, (now Mark), Larry, (no longer with us) and yes, all those Chelsea girls.........

Yepper, growing up in the small town, especially in our era, was the best....simply the best.

That's The Way I See It. What do you think?

Let me know at or call me at 319.327.4640.

By the way, Kudos to the Trojan girls and boys basketball teams on great seasons.

I noticed a Musgrave girl is a first team all-stater. What's her relation to my '69 classmate Mike? This mind wants to know!!



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