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South Tama Middle School's February Students of the Month

April 3, 2018
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Biographies by: Joey Hackenmiller, Eligh Branan, Keiler Alvarado, Kailee Keen, Sophie Draves, Gloria Mullen, Jezeila Camacho, Mary Kate Frakes

Ebany Benitez (5th):

Congratulations to Ebany Benitez for earning student of the month! Ebany has two cats and is an only child. Her dad's name is Javier and her mom's name is Diana. Her hobbies are drawing, reading, and coloring. Her three best characteristics are that she is happy, funny, and very nice. Her advice for her classmates is, "Stay strong and never give up." Congratulations to Ebany!

Article Photos

Top L to R: Kailee Meek (8th), Grace Smith (7th), Jimena Nunez (7th), Cale Graff (5th), Tommy Tyynismaa (6th), Travis Cecak (6th)
Bottom L to R: Mitchell Klostermann (8th), Ebany Benitez (5th

-Photo provided

Cale Graff (5th):

Congratulations to this student for earning student of the month. Cale Graff is a, 11-year-old 5th grader. He has two sisters, a brother, a mom, and a dad. He likes to wrestle, and play basketball, football, baseball, and golf. Cale describes himself as funny. His three best qualities are he is funny, smart, and nice. His advice for his classmate is to stay in school.

Travis Cecak (6th):

Congratulations to Travis Cecak for earning student of the month for February. Travis is currently in 6th grade and is 11 years old. Chris and Shasta Cecak are his parents. Serenity, Carver, and Jeremy are his siblings. Travis like to play basketball, football, and video games. Travis describes himself as respectful, responsible, and helpful. Travis's best characteristics are responsibility, respect, and he is safe. Travis advises his classmates to follow the rules.

Tommy Tyynnismaa (6th):

Congratulations to Tommy Tyynismaa. Tommy's parents are Robert and Penny. He has two sisters, JoJo and Belle, and one brother, Robert. His hobbies include fishing, basketball, and playing games. He describes himself as smart and hardworking. He also describes himself as responsible,empathetic, and trustworthy. Tommy had a few words for his fellow classmates. He said, "Be the best that you can."

Grace Smith (7th):

Congratulations to 13-year-old Grace Smith for earning student of the month! She's a 7th grader and she likes archery. Grace describes herself as funny and her three best characteristics are nice, funny and outgoing. Her advice to her fellow classmates is to listen to your teachers and get your work turned in. Congratulations Grace!

Jimena Nunez (7th):

Congratulations, Jimena Nunez, for earning February Student of the Month! Jimena is 13 years old and is in 7th grade. Her parents are Elizabeth and Agustin Nunez. She has a sister, Perla Nunez, and a pet turtle. She enjoys doing dance and is a part of Student Council, TAG, and Al Exito. She would describe herself as smart, honest, and unique. Jimena would describe herself as honest, loyal, and kind. Her advice to classmates is to always try hard and ask your teacher to retake if you don't like your grade.

Mitchell Klostermann (8th):

Congratulations to Mitchell Klosterman for earning February student of the month. His father is Russ, his mother is Kellee and his sister is Kalee. He plays golf and is involved in yearbook. He describes himself as kind and helpful. His three best characteristics are that he is kind, helpful, and hardworking. His advice to other students is to work hard and know that anything is possible. Congratulations Mitchell!

Kailee Meek (8th):

Congratulations to 8th grader Kailee Meek for earning student of the month. Kailee is 13 years old her father and mother are Brad and Gail Meek. Her siblings are Alexis, Natalie, and Olivia Meek. Her hobbies and extra-curricular activities are volleyball and running track. She describes herself as hardworking and trustworthy. Three of her best characteristics are being athletic, fast, and kind. Kailee tells her fellow classmates to stay on task and get your work done.



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