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My Quixotic run for the 72nd District House seat

News-Herald Guest View

April 6, 2018
By Jhon Anderson , Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

I once read something somewhere about how before the famous football player Brian Bosworth got famous he used to work for the Ford Motor Company. He said when he was working on the line he once attached a string with a bolt in the end and placed it in the from quarter panel. He also attached a note to it saying "gotcha". Ford actually tracked that car down, and sued Mr. Bosworth.

Something similar happened to me.

I used to regularly take trips to San Jose, Ca. During this time I usually got a job at a laser company. A curious thing would always happen. Whenever I'd email my dad telling him what job I'd got and were the next day I'd get fired.

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John Anderson

The manager always said it came from "high up". I once tried to get a job doing laser maintenance at a research facility that did nuclear explosion simulations.

The HR person there all but blurted out that they "got this telling phone call" telling them not to. He was quite agitated.

Finally, (and you're going to think I'm making this up), there was for a while this certain guy in a Hawaiian shirt following me around at The University of Iowa

. I read in a book by this lady that predicted 9-11 through astrology that 911 was about to happen and she said this guy in an Hawaiian shirt followed her around. In my case, the guy didn't care in the least if he was spotted, it seemed just the opposite.

I ACTUALLY WORKED ON A LASER FOR THE CIA. I assure you I want to stay healthy and I in no way fiddled with such laser. (a la Monsieur Bosworth), yet now the deep state want to gain encryption capability through congress to listen in on your cell phones.

If an idiot like me could get in hot water, when there's no oversight, I wonder if this access couldn't someday be used to create a totalitarian state.

So lock up your women folks and daughters, John Anderson is running for congress!

John Anderson, Tama, is one of four candidates seeking the Democrat nomination for the Iowa House District 72 seat in the June 5 Iowa Primary.



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