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Question “Skinny plan” insurance

April 13, 2018
Toledo Chronicle, Tama News-Herald

Letter to the Editor:

As Representative Fisher pointed out, the new health plan known as the "Skinny plan" or the non- Obamacare Plan offers choice. It is inexpensive which will be a welcome choice for some people.

However, there are a couple of flies in the ointment. First, the plan does not cover addiction, and this is of concern with the opioid crisis. It does not cover mental health problems, which has been cited as a major cause of mass shootings. Finally, it does not cover pre-existing conditions which was a particular attraction provided by Obamacare. It's limited coverage allows it to be inexpensive.

People who want these three areas included can still find the coverage in Obamacare.

The problem here is that healthy people not requiring the coverage could opt into the skinny plan which leaves the costly cases to Obamacare. The one company still offering the ACA would find their coverage costs would outweigh profit, and this single provider could withdraw from the market.

However, offering this skinny plan would be very attractive to the large insurance providers like Farm Bureau and Blue Cross Blue Shield. As a matter of fact, I had mv first call offering me this plan two nights ago. A series of questions allowed the health plan provider to determine if I would be one of those less costly cases with whom they wanted to do business.

It is true that Iowans now can find inexpensive insurance, and that is a choice. They do need to be aware that this health plan is not regulated by the government, so if the provider refuses to pay their claim, they have only questionable recourse for their complaints.

Anne Michael




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